Weekly Roundup: December 2, 2016

December is here! ❄️ I hope the holiday sales season is going well for each of you! Now that we’ve wrapped Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales, did anything go extremely well or extremely poorly? I’d love to chat with...

/ December 2, 2016

Increase Customer Lifetime Value with Subscriptions

One of the challenges of growing an online store is to get repeat customers. Repeat customers are 25 times less expensive than new customers when it comes to acquisition. Offering subscription products is a growing trend that helps overcome this...

/ November 30, 2016

Add FAQs to Your WooCommerce Store

Part of a well-crafted sales copy is to answer any objections that customers may have. However, the copy probably won’t be able to address all the questions customers have about your products and the operational side of your business. In...

/ November 28, 2016

Weekly Roundup: November 25, 2016

Howdy! Hope you all are enjoying some Black Friday / Cyber Monday discounts in your shopping (don’t forget we have a collection of deals on eCommerce tools!) A light week this week due to holiday prep, but we’ve still got...

/ November 25, 2016
Black Friday 2014

Black Friday 2016 Deals

It’s that time of year! You can save big on some new extensions, themes, services, or tools. The collection of deals below is exclusively related to eCommerce tools, so get ready to level up your store for a discount 💸...

/ November 23, 2016
WooCommerce Abandoned Cart App

Saving Lost Revenue with Jilt – Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce Abandoned Cart App

Many of us have probably been beaten over the head a bit with the famous statistic on cart abandonment from Baymard Institute: 68.81% of all shopping carts are abandoned, meaning over 2 out of every 3 customers who have placed...

/ November 21, 2016

Weekly Roundup: November 18, 2016

There are lots of WooCommerce plugin updates available for you this week, along with some tips on holiday sales prep. Enjoy! A quick note for developers: if you have a plugin, theme, or service for eCommerce merchants, you can submit...

/ November 18, 2016
WP Tao Review: WordPress eCommerce Analytics

WP Tao Review: Built-in Analytics for WordPress eCommerce Sites

The data you can get via online analytics forms a marketer’s paradise. You can determine which items are added most often to a customer’s cart, how often customers add items to the cart, track pageviews, customer logins, and all sorts...

/ November 16, 2016
Sell with WP Email Case Study

Educate Customers with Product Tips Emails

Customer education is an important part of the sales process. If your customers don’t know how to get the most out of your products, they may not be as satisfied with their purchase as they can be. This means that...

/ November 14, 2016

Weekly Roundup: November 11, 2016

Hey plugin developers! Offering a deal for Black Friday or Cyber Monday? We’re putting together a roundup of upcoming promotions — if yours is a good fit for our audience, please feel free to submit it here. New or Updated...

/ November 11, 2016

November Free Plugin of the Month: WooCommerce Product Dependencies

This is post 11 of 11 in the series “Free eCommerce Add-ons 2016” (Click to expand) The WooCommerce Product Dependencies is a free plugin for WooCommerce stores that allows you to restrict purchase access to products based on purchase of other...

/ November 7, 2016

Weekly Roundup: November 4, 2016

WooCommerce stores: Metorik was launched this week, which is a slick app to give you detailed reporting and insights into your store’s revenue and performance. 📈 I had the opportunity to play with the app in development, it’s a really...

/ November 4, 2016