Weekly Roundup: September 23, 2016

September is flying by y’all! Lots of good marketing tips this week along with some plugin / theme updates. New or Updated Plugins & Themes WooCommerce Memberships has been updated to version 1.7 to add tons of new features like...

/ September 23, 2016
Ask Sell with WP

Show Only WooCommerce Free Shipping When Available

We’ve got an Ask Sell with WP question today about WooCommerce free shipping from Andrea: Can I hide the other shipping options when there are free shipping choices? I tried the snippet in the WooCommerce doc page but I think...

/ September 22, 2016
Sell with WP Email Case Study

Email Case Study: New Product Release from Withings

In this email case study, we look at the new product release email from Withings that provides a brief introduction to the product, and then prompts recipients to sign up for the launch announcement. This helps build a list of...

/ September 19, 2016

Weekly Roundup: September 16, 2016

Lots of marketing tips this week, be sure to check some of them out! New or Updated Plugins & Themes If you allow customer accounts, you may find the free WooSocial plugin interesting, as this allows your customers to follow...

/ September 16, 2016
Users Insights Review

Getting a Detailed Look at Your Customers: Users Insights Review

As giant retailers like Amazon or established brands like Macy’s have grown to dominate eCommerce sales, small retailers can have a tough time determining how to carve out a unique selling proposition in the eCommerce arena. For many independent merchants,...

/ September 14, 2016

September Free Plugin of the Month: EDD Featured Downloads

This is post 20 of 20 in the series “Free eCommerce Add-ons” (Click to expand) In this month’s featured plugin, we look at the EDD Featured Downloads extension for Easy Digital Downloads. The extension allows you to list and highlight certain...

/ September 12, 2016

Weekly Roundup: September 9, 2016

Short and sweet this week 🙂 Hope you northern-hemisphere-ers are enjoying the turn into fall! 🍁 New or Updated Plugins & Themes Easy Digital Downloads has released a “Messages” extension that allows site admins to send messages and files to...

/ September 9, 2016

10 Tips to Optimize Checkout for Improving Conversions

Recently, we looked at a cart abandonment recovery email which is sent when users leave a store with items in the cart and without completing checkout. Cart abandonment affects roughly 70% of all all online orders. You can reduce this...

/ September 7, 2016
Sell group memberships

Sell Group Membership Accounts with Restrict Content Pro

The ability to sell a membership to a group is an extremely tough problem to solve. Tying billing to one account, but having other accounts with access that depend on that account’s billing is a pretty involved system, and not...

/ September 5, 2016

Weekly Roundup: September 2, 2016

Howdy! If you get our email newsletter, you know that I worked with Veeqo on a webinar this week discussing Optimizations for WooCommerce Stores — you can check out the video for a recap 🙂 Onto the news! New or...

/ September 2, 2016
Ask Sell with WP

How to Create a Private Vendor Catalog

Today’s Ask Sell with WP question comes from Dan: I have a website where each school can sell their products, so I think I need a vendor plugin to do this. But, I don’t want customers from one school to...

/ August 31, 2016
Sell with WP Email Case Study

Email Case Study: Indochino Cart Recovery Email

In this month’s email case study, we will review the Indochino cart recovery email. Indochino is an online provider of made to measure clothing for men, including suits, shirts, and accessories. The cart recovery email is sent when a customer...

/ August 29, 2016