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One of the best things about WordPress are the thousands of awesome free plugins that you can use to customize your site. While there are some really awesome premium add-ons for Shopp, there are also several great add-ons for free. Here we’ll go over some of the best free Shopp add-ons for your WordPress store.

Most really great add-ons for Shopp come from Lorenzo Caum and Clif Griffin, who are both Shopp core contributors – check out their WordPress.org profiles!

Best Free Shopp Add-ons

And without further delay, here are some of our favorite free add-ons for Shopp:

1. Shopp + Twilio


Get notified via SMS for new orders using Shopp + Twilio. This plugin allows merchants to receive a text message notification once checkout is completed for new orders.

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2. CGD Arrange Terms

Free shopp addon cgd arrange terms

CGD Arrange Terms gives you full control over the way categories, tags, and other taxonomies are arranged and displayed in your store. As Shopp doesn’t provide an easy way to rearrange the way these taxonomies are displayed, CGD Arrange Terms adds this functionality. It can also allow you to rearrange other terms, such as post categories and tags.

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3. Shopp Zendesk

Shopp Zendesk free shopp addon

Selling digital products or something that requires customer support? This plugin easily integrates Shopp with Zendesk so that customer emails, names, and phone numbers are added to your Zendesk account upon purchase.

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4. Shopp Rejoiner

Shopp Rejoiner free shopp addon

This one is a fairly new add-on. Rejoiner helps convert abandoned carts into customers by sending emails to customers to alert them that their purchase can be completed. The customers items and a special discount can optionally be included to encourage them to complete their purchase. Add cart abandonment email campaigns to Shopp after you’ved signed up for a free Rejoiner account and installed this plugin.

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5. ShipWorks Connector for WordPress

Free shopp addon shipworks

The ShipWorks Connector integrates your WordPress eCommerce site powered by Shopp with ShipWorks for order fulfillment. ShipWorks includes support for viewing rates, transit times, and printing live shipping labels. The integration plugin downloads your orders and makes it easy to create shipping labels, manage customers and emails, and update the online status of each order using ShipWorks as your external shipper.

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6 through 10. Shopp + Email

Shopp email free addons

Okay, so this is cheating a bit as this isn’t one add-on. You’re probably using an email service to manage your newsletter emails, and there are several integrations for Shopp. These integrations allow a customer to opt into a list you’ve specified with your email service. Since you probably only need one, here’s a list of the free integrations available:

  1. Shopp + Sendloop
  2. Shopp + Mad Mimi
  3. Shopp + MailChimp
  4. Shopp + Contant Contact
  5. Shopp + Campaign Monitor


BONUS: Washington State Taxes for Shopp

Free Shopp Addons - Washington Tax

This one is a bit specific, but is a nifty little plugin for those of you selling in the US from Washington State. The Washington State Sales Tax plugin ties Shopp into Washington State’s Department of Revenue API to lookup destination-based sales taxes. If you’re a Washington-based business and you sell taxable items within WA, tax rates are a huge pain to figure out, so this plugin calculates them for you based on destination.

Download this extension


Have your own favorite? We’d love to add to the list! Let us know in the comments 🙂 .

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