If you’re searching for the best Easy Digital Downloads themes, you’re in luck. Many of the themes built for Easy Digital Downloads are high quality and built for performance and ease-of-use, so it’s far easier to pick a good theme for Easy Digital Downloads than it may be for other eCommerce plugins.

Below are some of the best themes for Easy Digital Downloads, as they include full support for Easy Digital Downloads pages to provide a consistent experience and design throughout your site. Many of them also include support for several Easy Digital Downloads extensions, and they’re built by great authors.

1. Shop Front, $0 – Sumobi

ShopFront Easy Digital Downloads Theme

Shop Front is a free theme available that provides a great starting point for an Easy Digital Downloads store. You can get it from the author or download it from WordPress.org. It gives you a flat, minimal layout that provides the ability to create a downloads archive as a shop page and blog / archive templates for your posts. You can choose to use your newest products on the homepage, or to use a static page and take advantage of your own text and EDD shortcodes to display your chosen products (such as featured downloads).

However, the reason I really like Shop Front is that it’s meant to be customized, and is a great starter theme if you’re familiar with CSS. There are also some very useful companion plugins, such as a style pack for extra color schemes and a My Account page template.



2. Marketify, $63 – Astoundify

Marketify Best Easy Digital Downloads themes

We wrote about Marketify when we discussed how to create a digital goods marketplace, as it’s a fantastic theme for creating a shop with several vendors. Marketify fully supports the Frontend Submissions extension to style vendor pages and frontend submission pages, as well as the audio and video previews for your files.

One of my favorite things is how easy it is to set up Marketify using the built-in theme customizer, and I was up and running with this theme within a half hour. I also love the blog post template, as featured images are used as the header cover photo. The entire theme is beautiful, not just the product and vendor pages.



3. Squarecode, $63 – Cr3ativ

Squarecode | Best Easy Digital Downloads themes

Squarecode is another of the best Easy Digital Downloads themes to create a marketplace, and it’s designed to optimize conversions. The cart is prominently featured in the header, and purchasing options are always visible at the top of the sidebar on product pages. Just like Marketify, Squarecode fully supports the Frontend Submissions extension. It also includes support and styling for the EDD Wishlists plugin.

I like the EDD product index with filtering options, as well as the video and audio previews for products (if needed). While Squarecode can be used for a digital marketplace, it also works very well for single-vendor shops and supports several popular EDD add-ons.



4. Stocky, $58 – Design Crumbs

Stocky | best Easy Digital Downloads themes

If you’re selling photography with Easy Digital Downloads, Stocky is definitely one of the themes that you should be looking at. It features your downloads and the product’s featured image in a masonry layout on shop and category pages. This helps display your photos in the correct aspect ratio to showcase them in the best way possible.

Want to create a photo marketplace for other authors instead? You can do that as well with Stocky, as it supports the Frontend Submissions extension and the EDD Wishlists plugin. It’s a great solution for your own photo store or a photo vendor marketplace.



5. Humbleshop, $48 – Humblespace

Humbleshop | Best Easy digital downloads themes

Humbleshop is an easy-to-use theme for single-author shops. It’s focused on your shop and products, and also includes a useful “My Account” template. All setup can be done from the built-in theme customizer, which also includes homepage options and color settings. Humbleshop supports several popular add-ons as well, such as EDD Wishlists, EDD Social Login, the Product Reviews add-on, and others.

While I’m not a huge fan of the blog templates, the shop pages and product pages put the focus on your products, and it makes a great theme for several types of stores.



6. Make Plus, $99 – Theme Foundry

Make | Best Easy Digital Downloads themes

Looking for something with a bit more flexibility? The free Make theme from the Theme Foundry supports Easy Digital Downloads when coupled with the Make Plus plugin ($99). Make is a drag-and-drop page builder, and it allows you to create your own page templates with the builder or quick page templates. While setup will be more intensive with a theme like Make (and the way it looks is entirely on you), it provides the flexibility to create a layout that’s entirely your own.

You can style product archives and pages with the product widgets included in Make Plus, and your blog posts and pages can be styled to your liking as well, letting you build a complete website for your brand.


Have your own favorite theme, or a different take on the best Easy Digital Downloads themes? We’d love to hear more in the comments!

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  1. Hi Beka

    Just wanted to thank you for the helpful post, I’ve been struggling to find a nice clean simple theme for a digital products store. I wanted a theme that will show the cart and cart items on the sidebar of every page while the user browses and be able to easily add and remove products, but it seems like hardly any themes offer this which I would have thought would be basics for a product store. I’m serious considering Humbleshop now but the EDD version.

    By the way, do you prefer Woocommerce or EDD for such a store and why?

    1. Hey Mozie, I’d recommend Squarecode in that case – the cart is in the sidebar + can be in the top menu, and it’s from a great author.

      If your store is selling only digital products, I usually recommend EDD, as WooCommerce may be overkill. For example, you won’t need the shipping methods, etc, that WooCommerce contains. The EDD Frontend Submissions extension is also awesome for vendor marketplaces if you’re going that route. However, I’d recommend looking at the available extensions for each to ensure that you have what’s needed to set up shop. Both are great choices, so the available extensions + your setup will dictate which is right for you.

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