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  7. 7 Free WooCommerce Extensions

Welcome to part 3 of our list of the best free WooCommerce extensions. We have a series of posts on free eCommerce add-ons that you can check out if you’re looking for more great free WooCommerce plugins, as well as add-ons for other platforms.

For each list of free plugins we publish, we install and test each plugin to make sure that they work as expected with a typical WooCommerce install.

1. WooCommerce Product Image Flipper

Free WooCommerce extensions | Image Flipper

Product Image Flipper is a super-neat plugin, especially for clothing stores. When installed, it will automatically change the image displayed when the thumbnail is hovered in the shop catalog. This is great for front – back views of clothing or other items. The featured image is still displayed in the shop template, but the first available image in the gallery will be displayed when a customer hovers over the image as the “flipped” view.

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2. Knox Payments WooCommerce

Knox payments woocommerce

Knox Payments is the least expensive payment processing service available for WooCommerce, as it’s a cash transfer service (similar to Dwolla). Knox allows customers to securely log into a bank account and complete an ACH transfer to the merchant, and even pulls in address details to avoid mistakes at checkout. Merchants pay only 18¢ per transaction, which is lower than the typical 30¢ + 2.9% per transaction for credit card processing.

This plugin integrates Knox Payments into the WooCommerce checkout, and setup is extremely easy. You simply grab API keys from your Knox Account and enter them on the plugin settings page:

Free WooCommerce extensions | Knox Payments

Knox Account

You can test drive a Knox account without entering bank details, as it’s pretty cool and easy to use – it’s far simpler than dashboards for some payment processors. Once you’ve entered your API credentials, you’re ready to accept payments! The Knox payment form is hosted and secure so that you don’t have to worry about security or SSL certificates, and this free WooCommerce extension is developed by the Knox Payments team.

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3. WooCommerce Total Sales Shortcode

Free WooCommerce extensions | total sales shortcode

This is a handy little plugin that can display your store’s total sales (based on completed, processing, and on-hold orders) to visitors using a shortcode on any post or page. You can show all sales using the [wctss_total_sales] shortcode, or show only a percentage of total sales. For example, if 10% of all proceeds are donated to St. Jude’s Hospital, you’d use something like this:

[wctss_total_sales percent="10" after=" already donated to St Jude's Hospital"]

This will display, “$XXX already donated to St Jude’s Hospital,” wherever the shortcode is placed, and the “XXX” will display 10% of your store’s total sales. You can also add a before="" parameter to change the currency. For example, if I wanted to display USD instead of $, my shortcode would look like this:

[wctss_total_sales percent="10" before="USD " after=" already donated to St Jude's Hospital"]

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4. WooCommerce Extra Product Sorting Options

Free WooCommerce extensions | extra sorting options

One of the biggest issues with the default WooCommerce product sorting is that you can only choose to use a custom sorting OR alphabetical sorting for this – once you’ve started to create a custom sorting order in which to display your WooCommerce products, there’s no easy way to get back to alphabetical sorting. This plugin lets you rename the default sorting option (in case you’ve started to create your own sorting order), and optionally add a few more sorting options for your shop catalog.

Free WooCommerce extensions | extra sorting options

New Sorting Options

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5. WooCommerce Improved External Products

Free WooCommerce extensions | Better External products

This is a super simple plugin that tweaks the way external products are used in your WooCommerce shop. When you want to display a product that’s sold via another site, you typically use an external / affiliate product type, and link to the product (this is great for listing your own ebooks, apps, etc with an affiliate link). However, they open in the same tab / window. This plugin forces them to use a new tab when opening.

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6. Blacklister for WooCommerce

We have a commenter to thank for the next one – thanks Michael! The Blacklister is still in beta, but worked out well for us in testing. You will have to download a companion plugin to work with this (it’s just a framework), but installation and setup is really easy. You can restrict email and IP addresses from checking out in your WooCommerce store.

You simply add the addresses to your blacklist under WooCommerce > Blacklist, and these addresses will not be able to checkout. A notice is displayed when the customer tries to place and order that states that the address is restricted and cannot be used to purchase from the site.

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7. WooCommerce Products Per Page

Free WooCommerce extensions | products per page

This is a handy free WooCommerce extension that will let customers adjust how many products per page they’d like to view while browsing your shop by adding a dropdown next to your sorting options:

Free WooCommerce extensions | products per page

You can add this dropdown to the top of the page, bottom, or both. Store admins can also adjust the options that are displayed in this dropdown as well as the number of product columns and products displayed per page.

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8. WooCommerce Auto Restore Stock

Free WooCommerce extensions | restore stock

WooCommerce core doesn’t automatically restore inventory for refunded or cancelled orders, as may stores wait until the inventory has been successfully returned to then re-add inventory. However, you can automatically restore your inventory for refunded or cancelled orders using this plugin.

An order note will also be displayed to show that the change has been made:

Free WooCommerce extensions | restore stock

If an order has been placed, but is then marked as refunded or cancelled by the admin, the inventory for that order will automatically be adjusted to add these products back to your available stock.

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9. WooCommerce Move Reviews

Free WooCommerce Extensions | move reviews

Sometimes if you have similar products, customers can leave a review for the wrong one. Move reviews does exactly what it sounds like – allows you to move a review from one product to another. This is also handy if you’ve created a new version of a product, or now display the product as part of a grouped product, as you can move the review to the appropriate place.

When editing a comment (as this is actually what reviews are), you’ll now have a meta box that will let you move it to a different product:

Free WooCommerce Extensions | move reviews

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10. WooCommerce Coupon Shortcodes

Free WooCommerce extensions | coupon shortcodes

The last free WooCommerce extension on the list is a bit tough to get the hang of, but really powerful. Coupon shortcodes provides shortcodes that will allow you to:

  • display all coupons, coupons of a particular type, or certain coupon codes
  • display coupon code and discount information
  • show conditional messages for products that have a valid coupon
  • show conditional messages to encourage customers to add a product that has a coupon to the cart

There’s some documentation to help you get started, but I wrote a quick guide on using this extension as well for some use cases and sample shortcodes.

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Have any favorite free WooCommerce extensions that we missed? We’d love to hear about them so we can take a look!

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