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WP eCommerce is still one of the leading WordPress eCommerce plugins around, even after 8 years of development. With almost 70,000 active installs, there are a lot of users that are looking for extra store functionality. We’ve put together a list of handy free WP eCommerce add-ons that can help store owners customize their selling process.

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1. WP eCommerce User Role Discount

This plugin creates a role for premium customers. You can either manually create new customers for this role, or change the role of an existing customer. This can allow you to create wholesaler discounts for premium customers, discounts for members or other groups (which could become automatic upon registration with a bit of custom code), or discounts for top customers. Your customers will see the normal price and the discounted price for premium customers, and this display is theme-independent.


2. WP eCommerce Grid View

Yep, the name tells you all that you need to know. This plugin alters the default shop catalog layout to show a grid-style layout instead of the default layout for your shop. Typically, this requires the Gold Cart upgrade from GetShopped to function, but installing this plugin unlocks the grid view option.

Grid views make browsing several products very easy for customers, as they can quickly scan for the products they need. Saving time in the browsing process helps your customers find relevant products and increases customer happiness with your store.


3. WPeC Bulk Category Pricing

This plugin is from Justin Sainton, who’s the lead developer of the WP eCommerce plugin. It allows the store admin to select certain categories as ‘bulk pricing’ categories, then to add a product threshold and discount to that category. For example, let’s say you want to offer 40% off the “Swimsuit” category at the end of the season if customers purchase more than one swimsuit. You’d set your product threshold to “2” and the discount to 40%. This way, the discount is only triggered if two or more items from that category are added to the cart, while single swimsuits will not be discounted.


4. WP eCommerce Related Products

Here’s another one with an obvious name! WPEC Related Products uses product information to display related products to the customer. Typically, related products are products that belong to the same product category or tab; you can select which criteria to use for your related products and how many to display. Related products will automatically be selected based on these criteria and shown to customers on the product page in the area that you select under the plugin settings.


5. WP eCommerce Show Personalization

This is a nifty little add-on that shows the personalization information entered by customers for a product in the cart widget and at checkout. This ensures that customers have multiple opportunities to proof their personalizations to cut down on the amount of errors that occur due to personalized products. This helps customers to be completely sure that personalization details are correct before purchasing.


6. WP e-Commerce Call for Price

This add-on can hide the price of a specific product from your shop catalog. You can then replace it with a message that asks customers to call for a price or quote. This is great for companies that want to offer services along with products, or create a product that represents a bundle – you can ask customers to call in for a quote on a bundle or service rather than creating a static product. This is great for products that require customization to fit the customer’s needs.


Coming Soon: WP eCommerce Cross Sales (Also Bought)

This plugin doesn’t do anything yet, but download it now and you’ll be ready for the WPeC v3.9 release. This will replace the coming “also bought” section of product pages with a cross-sell for related products instead. This way, you have the option to show products that customers also bought if the item has companion items that go well together (such as phones and cases), or to cross sell other items (such as a nightstand for a bed), which gives you a bit more control over the process.


Have a favorite free WP eCommerce add-on that we missed in this list? Let us know!

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  1. Hello, I am wondering if i download the call for price add-on if I have to use the call for price instead of the price? I am interested in the removing the price aspect of this add-on but don’t want customers to call. I have tried coding to get rid of price on product page with no luck.

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