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One of the huge benefits to using a plugin like WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads is the fantastic ecosystem and community around the plugin. While the availability of premium add-ons to meet many of your needs is a plus, there are also tons of excellent free plugins that developers give away that you can use to improve your business.

It’s been some time since we took a look at some available free WooCommerce extensions (since March!), so we’re covering 7 new plugins for WooCommerce today. These aren’t plugins that we just found from a WordPress.org search — they’ve been installed and tested, and work with the most recent version of WooCommerce.

1. Free WooCommerce Extensions: Export Customer Email

WooCommerce export customer email

I love plugins that do one thing and do it really well, and Export Customer Email is one of them. If you go to WooCommerce > Reports > Customer, you can export a CSV of your customer list that contains the customer name and email address.

Free WooCommerce Extensions: export customer emails

This lets you import your customer list to other apps or programs, such as MailChimp, to keep tabs on your customers.

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2. Free WooCommerce Extensions: Coupon Generator

Free WooCommerce Extensions: Coupon Generator for WooCommerce

This is a really handy plugin from Shop Plugins that lets you generate coupon codes in bulk for your store. The coupon generator wizard is really easy to use, and it can let you generate anywhere from 1 to hundreds of thousands of coupon codes. All you have to do is create the coupon rules, then it does the heavy lifting for you.

Free WooCommerce Extensions: Coupon Generator

My test run of 10 coupons took only 0.35 seconds. It’s definitely useful for shops that want to give out one-time use codes via email, Groupon, or other mediums.

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3. Free WooCommerce Extensions: Product Fees

Free WooCommerce Extensions Product Fees

This plugin is built by the ninjas at WooThemes and it gives you a really easy way to add per-product fees to WooCommerce. You can add insurance, printing, or handling fees easily. While editing a product, you can add an amount or percentage-based fee, and even multiply the fee by the item quantity if desired.

Free WooCommerce Extensions: WooCommerce Product Fees

The plugin also supports variable products so the fee amount can change by variation.

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4. Free WooCommerce Extensions: Receiptful

Free WooCommerce Extensions: Receiptful

While Receiptful offers some paid plans, the core offering and the connector plugin for WooCommerce are both free. You can send customized email receipts to your customers that include one-time discount codes, product recommendations, and custom text.

We’d written a detailed Receiptful review when it launched, and since then it’s added tons of cool stuff, such as the ability to get feedback, show recent blog posts, and allow customers to refer a friend.

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5. Free WooCommerce Extensions: Grow Reports

Free WooCommerce Extensions: Grow Reports

Grow reports give you a way to track your store’s progress towards traffic and revenue goals from within your WooCommerce dashboard. When you install the plugin, you can authenticate it with Google Analytics so that your store’s traffic data can be analytized, then you can enter your conversion rate and average order value.

Once you’ve done so, you can set a growth target for each month (i.e., 5% overall growth), or customize your targets for growth per category (i.e., growth in sessions, revenue, etc, separately). Once you’ve configured the plugin, it will show you a dashboard with your current metrics and how they compare to your targets:

Free WooCommerce Extensions:  Grow reports setup

Set up

Free WooCommerce Extensions: Grow Dashboard

Dashboard View

Your dashboard will track and compare sessions, conversion rate, average order value, orders, and revenue to the targets you’ve set month-over-month and annually.

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6. Free WooCommerce Extensions: Prevent Purchase

Free WooCommerce extensions: prevent purchase

This is another simple, clean plugin that does one thing: It stops customers from purchasing a product. You may want to list a product that can be purchased in-store only, or list a product before it’s available. In whatever case, you don’t want to let customers order immediately. Instead, you can display the product, but lock purchasing down completely for it with one click.

Free WooCommerce Extensions: prevent purchase setup
Free WooCommerce Extensions: purchase prevented

You can also set up a message (accepts HTML) to tell customers why the product is unavailable.

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7. Free WooCommerce Extensions: Multiple Free Gift

Free WooCommerce Extensions: free gift

This extension lets you create a condition for which you’d like to offer a gift, then you can select products that customers can choose from for the gift. The description is a bit misleading, as it’s more like a “lite” version that lets you add one condition / one gift “offer” to your site. The user experience is a bit awkward, but it’s still a useful little plugin.

First, you can create a condition for the free gift (such as a cart total), and then determine which products should be offered to the customer and how many the customer will get for free.

Free WooCommerce Extensions: gift creation

Once the customer reaches this criteria and gets to the cart page, the gift(s) are offered and the customer can choose up to the number of gifts you’ve allowed.

Free WooCommerce Extensions:  gift offered

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Check out the rest of our series to see more free plugins, including several for WooCommerce 🙂

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  1. Hi! Great article!

    Do you know is there a Woocommerce plugin that would show the amount needed to add to the cart to get free shipping?

    For example if I offer free shipping to everyone who buys 50$ or more. And customer have added only 40$ into shopping cart. Then it would be wise to encourage that customer to add another 10$ product into cart in order to get free shipping.

    1. Hey Mike, Cart Notices should do the trick 🙂

      1. Thanks! That is exactly what I was looking for! 🙂

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