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While there are lots of great premium WooCommerce extensions, who doesn’t love something for free? We’ve covered some free add-ons already, but we’re always looking for new free plugins. Whenever we come across a new one, we install it and test it to make sure it works as advertised so you can safely install it in your store.

Here are 7 tested, free WooCommerce extensions you can start to use today.

1. WooCommerce Discounts Per Payment Method

WooCommerce Discounts Per Payment Method allows shop owners and employees to provide discounts to customers for using a particular payment method, which can help incentivize customers to use the payment method of your choice. For example, you can provide a discount for credit card purchases to encourage customers to pay using this method.

We covered this a bit already in an Ask Sell with WP question as well. You can set up discounts for all payment methods in your store, or only offer discounts for some methods.

WooCommerce add payment gateway discount

Add payment method discounts

These will be displayed to the customer with the payment methods available at checkout.

woocommerce no payment discount

Discounts Shown with Payment Methods

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2. WooCommerce Sales By Location Report

WooCommerce sales by location report

This one is pretty self explanatory 🙂 . WooCommerce Sales by Location Report adds a new report to your store that will show you where your orders come from based on the customer billing address or the shipping address. The color of the location designates which locations have the most orders and which have the least. You can also use the order total instead of number of orders to show which countries you make the most money from.

This can be handy tool for international sellers, as it gives them a simple visualization into where their sales come from.

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3. WooCommerce Stellar

WooCommerce Stellar

Are you into cryptocurrencies? Stellar is both a protocol for sending / receiving money and a cryptocurrency that you can accept as payment (similar to bitcoin). By both standardizing and decentralizing digital transactions, Stellar is able to help you send and receive money without going through a bank or credit card processor. You can use this to pass money between individuals or convert money between currencies.

You can also use the “stellar” currency, which is a fairly new cryptocurrency used in the Stellar protocol. It’s basically like a poker chip: you can exchange poker chips in a casino just like cash, so long as you use their “protocol” for exchange. The stellar currency works in the same way — you can convert dollars, euros, etc, to stellar when exchanging money via Stellar.

The WooCommerce Stellar extension lets you accept payment for orders in your WooCommerce store using the Stellar protocol and stellar currency.

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4. WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration

WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration

Chances are that you already run Google Analytics on your site to get some insight into landing pages, pageviews, visits, and bounce rate. However, you can track a lot more information for an eCommerce site with Google Analytics.

This plugin makes more connections between your site and Google Analytics so you can track transactional data, track the purchasing lifecycle from referral to conversion, and track eCommerce events.

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5. WooCommerce Availability Chart

WooCommerce Availability Chart

Customers hate missing out on an item when it’s out of stock, which is why many stores choose to display remaining inventory to customers (especially if it’s low). However, this can be difficult for variable products, as you probably don’t want to display the total inventory for all variations (i.e, all tee shirts, regardless of size / color / etc).

This plugin adds a small bar graph below the add to cart button that will show the inventory available for each product variation separately so the customer can view what’s in stock for each variation of your product.

WooCommerce product variation availability bar graph

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6. Gift Cards for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Gift Cards

The Gift Cards for WooCommerce plugin adds a simple gift card system to your site. You can manually add gift cards to send to customers, or sell set-value gift cards as products in your shop. These can then be redeemed as store cash during the checkout process. It’s very simple to use and effective at implementing a store cash or gift certificate system.

My only dislike is that the “Gift Cards” list doesn’t show purchased gift cards as well as manually generated gift cards, as it would be great to have a reference in case a customer loses a gift card number.

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7. WooDiscuz


While pre-sales questions typically happen via email, they don’t have to. You can include a “discussion” tab with WooDiscuz that servers as a “Q & A” tab to let customers ask questions about your product and hear from your team. These comments and questions will include avatars, the ability to upvote or downvote questions, and they can include badges so customers know which answers are from your shop employees.

We have a more detailed review of the plugin as well.

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Have we missed one of your favorites? Share it with us in the comments!

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