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We build eCommerce sites and the software that powers them. That doesn’t mean you do. We know it’s tough to find quality resources and tutorials to launch or manage an eCommerce store, so we provide the best reviews, tips, and tutorials for eCommerce with WordPress.

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Beka Rice | Sell with WP Editor

Beka Rice: Editor, Primary Contributor

Beka is a former high school Chemistry teacher, coach, and freelance sports journalist. She directs Sell with WP content site-wide and manages authors in addition to writing and editing most articles. Really she just wants more time to jam out to her eclectic music playlists while she writes.

Beka also works at SkyVerge, where she manages product development for WooCommerce.

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Main Contributors

Jai Sangha Sell with WP
Jai Sangha
Jai is a freelance writer and marketer. He has written for several types of companies, from large banks and financial service providers to small eCommerce startups. He writes for Sell with WP and ShopStorm, bringing eCommerce experience with WordPress and other platforms to our site.

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Justin Stern Sell withWP
Justin Stern
Justin is a co-founder of SkyVerge, an eCommerce software development firm. He likes to compare difference eCommerce solutions, figure out the best way to solve eCommerce problems, and write tutorials, but he thinks that writing code is a lot easier than writing words.

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Max Rice Sell with WordPress
Max Rice
Max is the other co-founder of SkyVerge. Max has dabbled in almost any tech-related job you can think of, so he enjoys sharing what he’s learned and takes a hands-on approach to the finer points of running a WordPress-powered store. He likes to write technical how-tos and share eCommerce tips.

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