Part of a well-crafted sales copy is to answer any objections that customers may have. However, the copy probably won’t be able to address all the questions customers have about your products and the operational side of your business. In such cases, you can add FAQs (i.e. frequently asked questions) to your store to provide answers to questions or concerns that come up often.

Add FAQs to your store: Why use FAQs?

FAQs help address things that you may not have included in your initial copy. As your store grows, your customer support team probably gets some questions over and over again. Instead of having customers spend time calling or emailing your support for general inquiries and waiting for a reply, you can reduce their effort by having an FAQ section where they can first try to find answers.

This improves the customer experience as it may address their concerns without having to leave your store, and because they didn’t have to wait to act on a purchase.

The FAQ section is where customers expect to find information about things like the store’s currency if you sell internationally, shipping and return policy (even if you link them to detailed pages for these), exchange policy, delivery information, etc.

By putting answers to many common questions up front not only reduces work for customers, but also relieves pressure from your support teams as they can focus on specialized inquiries.

Add FAQs to your store: FAQs for specific products on WooCommerce

For WooCommerce stores, you can add an FAQs section directly on product pages to answer product-specific questions. Use the free WooCommerce Product FAQs plugin to allow customers to submit questions for individual products, and get an answer in line. The question also gets added in the section for other customers to see.

add faqs to products individually

Add FAQs to individual products

Customers can submit questions about your products using the form. You can view all submitted questions under Products > FAQs in your WordPress dashboard. Here, you can approve or delete questions. You can add answers to individual questions in the Add Answers section at the bottom of the question page.

add faqs answer questions

Add answers to the question

Once the answer is added and published, all customers will be able to see the question and answer on the product page.

add faqs final answered question

Customers can view the published Q&A

This section grows as you approve and publish more questions. You can change some default settings for the plugin under WooCommerce > Settings > FAQs like:

  • whether question accordions on the product page should be expanded by default.
  • toggle whether customers are able to ask questions. You can only include questions and answers that you deem appropriate.
  • change notification email settings.
  • modify the tab title and priority.

Add FAQs to your store: Dedicated questions page

If you would like to add FAQs that are not related to individual products, you can create a separate page to provide answers to such questions. There are a few ways you can organize this page.

1. Long form

You can simply go with long-form content on the page where you add questions in an h3 or h4 heading, and provide answers right underneath the headings. This is the simplest way of organizing your content without adding much design complexity to your page.

2. Anchor links

If you have a lot of questions, you can also add a list of questions at the top of the page, and have the long-form Q&A underneath it. Like a table of contents, the list of questions at the top can give customers an overview of the questions included on the page without them having to scroll through.

You can also include anchor links in your long-form content so that the customers can get to the relevant section by clicking the associated question at the top.

3. Accordions

Lastly, you can use elements like accordions to organize your content where customers click on the question to expand the accordion to see the answers. You can use free plugins like the Accordion Shortcodes to add accordions through the rich text editor for the page.

Lastly, if your FAQ section becomes large, consider breaking it up on the page into different sections. This will help organize the information and make it easier for customers to navigate the page.

Add FAQs to your store: Summary

A general frequently asked questions section allows you to add information to your store which may not have a best fit elsewhere. The section creates a go-to page where you can address questions that many of your customers ask.

You can add an FAQs area for WooCommerce stores using the free WooCommerce Product FAQs plugin to answer product-specific questions. You can also add a separate page on your store where you address questions. This page can be the first line of customer support as customers don’t have to spend time getting in touch with your business and waiting for an answer.

Do you have a frequently asked questions section on your store? If so, how do you determine which questions to add to that list? Please tell us in the comments below.

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