As customers browse through your online store, they may have product-specific questions that may not be clear through the images or description. If customers aren’t sure of the product and don’t make an effort to find the contact section of your store, you may be losing out on potential sales. As you grow the number of products available on your store, getting product questions via a generic contact form can also become tedious to track. In such cases, a product enquiry form tied to individual products can streamline how you answer customer questions.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the Product Enquiry Pro plugin for WooCommerce by WisdmLabs to allow customers to get in touch with you from the product page. We’ll take a look at how the plugin helps achieve that, how to set the form up, and how it can help sell products for bulk purchasers.

Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce: Plugin overview

The plugin adds a button on each product page that allows customers to ask questions specifically for that product. If customers are unsure about purchasing your product, this makes it easier for them to ask questions to address their concerns. The responses can often lead to customers completing their purchase or provide you with leads to customers who were interested in your product(s).

If you get questions about features that are not currently available on your product or about an out of stock item, this can also help you gauge interest to manage your supplies.

Through some of the new and improved features in the plugin, you can also streamline selling to wholesale buyers as they can request a quote, or ask questions about a specific product or a set of products at the same time. The entire interaction can be managed within the plugin making the negotiation process simpler and faster so that you can get to an agreement and the purchase quicker.

The plugin is a great way to see what types of question or content may be missing from your site. For questions you receive often, you can add them to the product description or to an FAQ section to better streamline the experience for potential customers.

Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce: Set up

Once you install the plugin and activate your license under Plugins > Product Enquiry Pro License with your unique key, you can set up the enquiry form. The enquiry button will now be enabled on your store. You can see and manage the various enquiries, and change settings for the plugin under Product Enquiry in the dashboard.

product enquiry general settings

Change general settings for the plugin

Under the General settings, you can:

  • Toggle activation of the quotation system
  • Toggle whether the button is displayed only when items are out of stock
  • Change whether the button appears only on product pages, or also appears on Shop (or product archive) page
  • Change whether multiproduct enquiry is allowed
  • Set a URL to redirect customers after they’ve submitted their question
  • Change labels for the button and form
  • Select options on the form regarding customer email option, telephone, etc.

You can specify how the notification emails regarding enquiries are managed including a list of recipients, whether the store admin and product authors receive all the emails, and the subject line for emails.

product enquiry email settings

Select who receives email notifications for questions

Take a look at this post to see how you can customize email templates.

Lastly, you can specify custom CSS under the “Display” tab to change the styling of the form.

Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce: Customer interaction

Once the plugin is set up, customers are able to see a button beneath each product where they can ask questions in addition to being able to purchase the product. The button is added to each item on both the product archive (or Shop) page and the individual product pages.

product enquiry shop page

Buttons added to Shop page

product enquiry product page display

Enquiry button on product page

Once customers click on the button, a form opens up where they can fill in their details, including the option to have a copy of the email sent to them.

product enquiry question form

Question form

Once successfully submitted, the customers get back to the page they were on to continue their shopping. Note that this experience is when the multi-product enquiry is not enabled and there is no redirection activated.

Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce: Other features

You can see all submitted questions in the Enquiry Details section on your dashboard. Here, you can view individual questions or take bulk actions like exporting selected or all enquiries to CSV, or deleting selected questions.

product enquiry list of questions

See a list of all submitted questions

When you click on an individual question, you can view customer details like email address, enquiry date and IP address. You can reply to questions within this view.

product enquiry question details

Reply to questions from within the dashboard

Your replies are tracked within the details and you can continue to use the reply button to send further updates to the customer.

You can enable multi-product enquiries where customers can ask questions about a number of different products. Instead of opening a form for each product, the question button adds the product to an enquiry “cart” page where customers can then see a list of all items they have selected and ask a question regarding all, with the option to add remarks for individual items.

product enquiry cart page

Multi-product enquiry cart

Some of the new features in the Pro plugin include the ability to manage interactions and quote negotiations with bulk buyers in one place within the dashboard. Once you enable the quotation option within the plugin, it adds a layer of options for you to reply to enquiries with quote options that you and the requester can go back and forth on. You can change details of the quote including price and quantity, and approve or reject quotes based on the negotiation. In this way, you can generate final agreed-upon quotes from within the WordPress dashboard.

To make life easier on the administrative side, you can generate a PDF regarding this final quote directly from the dashboard through the plugin to formally send to the requestor. This helps you manage the entire quote and negotiation experience from within your store dashboard so you can go back and look at all quotes and approvals for your store.

product enquiry quotation process

Manage the quotation process including generating PDF (Source)

When you enable quotes, a Quotation tab gets added to the plugin settings area where you can change your company details and logo for the PDF, and select pages for approvals and rejections.

Take a look at all the available features and options in the plugin’s documentation.

Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce: Summary

The Product Enquiry Pro plugin for WooCommerce gives you an easy way to allow customers to contact you on a per product basis. Customers are able to ask about one or more products with a single page or cart-like experience about enquiries. Wholesale buyers can also use the forms to ask about bulk pricing on your products.

The plugin creates one space in the dashboard where you can respond and keep track of all questions. You can also perform bulk actions to better manage a large number of questions at the same time. This will help you respond to customers quicker to get them to a purchase decision faster.

There’s a free lite version of the plugin with some of the features available in the full Pro version if you want to see how the plugin works before purchasing. You can also see the plugin in action via the demo store.

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