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Justin is a cofounder of SkyVerge and a frequent Sell with WP contributor. He loves writing technical reviews and how-to articles, but thinks writing code is far easier than writing words.

Custom emails WooCommerce

Customizing WooCommerce Order Emails

You’ve lovingly setup your first WooCommerce shop: picked out that perfect theme (maybe one we recommend), polished your product page content to an irresistible shine, tested your frictionless checkout, and… received a nice enough but totally generic order email that...

/ May 12, 2014
Sell using WordPress Custom WooCommerce Order Status

Creating a WooCommerce Custom Order Status

This code works for versions of WooCommerce up to 2.1.12. WooCommerce 2.2 changed the order status structure, which means this won’t work. This updated post will work for WooCommerce 2.2+ instead. Adding your very own custom order statuses to WooCommerce...

/ February 24, 2014
Sell with WordPress | Why Use Stripe for Payments

Why Everyone Should Use Stripe

This is post 5 of 8 in the series “Launch an eCommerce Site” (Click to expand) People will choose a payment gateway for a variety of reasons including transaction fees, ease of setup, cards/payment methods accepted, support, and of course “coolness”....

/ November 7, 2013
Sell with WordPress | Customize WooCommerce Order Numbers - Make Sequential

Customizing WooCommerce Order Numbers

WooCommerce is engineered with a simple but effective philosophy: include all the functionality required to create a basic eCommerce shop in a free and extendable plugin, and delegate all other features to free and premium extensions. The full implications and...

/ October 1, 2013