As your site’s membership community grows, managing communication and gathering feedback from your members becomes far more difficult. Maybe you’d like to follow up with members who’ve cancelled to see why they left, or welcome new members with a personalized email a couple days after they sign up. As your site scales, these sort of actions can be tougher and more time consuming to do.

Likewise, you may have manual workflows around creating or updating users and memberships that don’t scale well as your member list grows. For example, you may edit roles for new members so you could offer advanced discounts with something like Dynamic Pricing (which is based on roles), but these processes take up valuable time that could be used on marketing or adding new products.

Automating these processes can often be difficult without a developer, which is why AutomateWoo is such a powerful tool for running automated workflows on your site.

AutomateWoo has recently added support for WooCommerce Memberships, giving you the ability to run workflows from Memberships triggers, or take action for a membership based on another trigger. Automating your membership workflows can save you hundreds of hours in site management per year, cutting down on manual management and review of your site.

Automating WooCommerce Memberships: Membership Triggers & Actions

AutomateWoo uses the concept of triggers and actions to create automatic workflows for your site. A workflow can have only one trigger (such as an order being placed), but this trigger can prompt your site to run one or more actions (such as emailing someone and updating user details).

AutomateWoo currently has one major trigger for Memberships: status changed. Any time a membership changes from one status to another, you can run a workflow to trigger emails, update the membership, or take other actions.

AutomateWoo Memberships Trigger

You can scope this trigger to certain plans, or listen to changes for memberships in any plan. You can also leave the trigger open-ended, e.g., “any status” to “expired”, or specific, e.g., “active” to “expired”.

If you’d like to take an action for a membership instead, the main action available is to create or change a membership. You can change a membership from one plan to another, or opt to create a new membership if one doesn’t exist to modify.

AutomateWoo Memberships Action

There are tons of combinations for these Memberships triggers and actions that can tie into other AutomateWoo workflow components, helping you simplify your site management and reduce the number of manual tasks you have to take every day.

Automating WooCommerce Memberships: Gifting Memberships for Lifetime Spend

One of the best examples for using the Membership “create / update” action is a lifetime spend trigger.

Many sites want to reward loyal customers for their patronage, and giving away a complimentary membership is a great way to reward a customer for reaching a total lifetime spend. For example, you can give away a VIP membership once a customer spends $500 with your store, letting them access special products, content, or discounts.

To do so, we’ll need to:

  1. Set up a trigger for total user spend, and enter your desired threshold:
    AutomateWoo: Lifetime Spend trigger
  2. Optionally, you may want to tag users when you do this workflow so this process can’t run twice (it shouldn’t but it’s a good safeguard). You could check this tag to ensure you don’t run it again if so.
  3. Now you can add your action: create a “Silver membership” for the user (and optionally add your tags), as the result of this workflow.
    AutomateWoo: Lifetime Spend action

This membership will follow all rules you’ve already configured for the plan, such as the access length for the member before the membership expires.

Automating WooCommerce Memberships: Sending Admin Cancellation Notifications

While memberships has some emails to members around expiration, it doesn’t let an admin know when a member cancels an account, which could be pertinent if you want to follow up or offer partial refunds (for memberships that weren’t tied to subscriptions).

If you’d like to notify yourself or anyone on your team when a membership is cancelled, you can set up a trigger for a status change from anything to “cancelled”.

AutomateWoo: Membership Cancelled Trigger

Your action can then be to send yourself and email with the details for this member, letting to determine if further action is needed.

AutomateWoo: Membership Cancelled action

If you want to take this further, AutomateWoo also lets you modify dates. If you wanted to show what the member’s end date would have been, you could modify the start date and include this information in the email to yourself.

For example, let’s say all of my memberships run for 1 year. You could grab the start date, modify it +1 year, then include that as the “original expiration date” to see how much time was left on your customer’s membership before cancelling.

AutomateWoo Modify date format

Automating WooCommerce Memberships: Handling Role Changes with Memberships

Handling role changes can help connect your members even further to plugins that work with roles, such as some discount plugins. Memberships does not leverage roles on its own, as it stores data outside of the WordPress user data to make it easy to query memberships or add custom data.

AutomateWoo, however, can let you modify roles based on status changes. You can move customers to a VIP / member role when a membership moves to an active status:

AutomateWoo Add Member Role

A quick note: a “membership created” trigger is coming soon, which will make the “membership become active” trigger more reliable, as currently when a membership is immediately set to ‘active’ without a change. You could also trigger on a membership product purchase instead for now.

Don’t forget to then return members to the basic “Customer” role when the Membership moves to an inactive status:

AutomateWoo Remove Member Role

I’d just be sure that you exclude higher level roles on your site, lest you lock yourself out while testing out membership workflows by making yourself a customer 😉

Automating WooCommerce Memberships: Gifting Memberships for Product Reviews

Memberships can also be a great incentive to encourage product reviews in your store. You can give away short-term or trial membership in exchange for product reviews by leveraging the “User leaves a product review” trigger.

AutomateWoo: Create Membership from Product Review

When this is fired, you can add a new membership for your user to gain access for your trial membership. This plan could give them access to some time-limited discounts or other perks.

Automating WooCommerce Memberships with AutomateWoo

While WooCommerce Memberships gives you the tools needed to control member access, perks, length, and other facets of your site memberships, there may be tons of manual workflows you have around day-to-day management for communication or plugin compatibility.

AutomateWoo helps you to streamline those processes, simplifying your day-to-day site management and communication. With the new triggers and actions for Memberships, membership site owners can now automate communication, cancellation follow ups, award access for user actions or spending goals, or handle role changes without the need for custom code.

You could take these triggers even further: adding notifications for members who complete a free trial, cancel during a trial, add more admin notifications around membership changes, or give away memberships for other site events like mailing list subscriptions. AutomateWoo gives you tons of triggers to work from to ensure you can let your site run on its own.

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  2. Can we trigger or upgrade a membership on single purchase.

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