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Add a “share” link to WooCommerce product reviews

Here’s quick but useful snippet — today’s Ask Sell with WP question comes from Brad: Using Product Reviews Pro (or default reviews for that matter), is there a way to give each review ID hyperlinks? Not just the reviews tab...

/ June 12, 2018
Ask Sell with WP

Allowing Only New Content Access for Members

Today’s Ask Sell with WP is from Toby: I have a news site that my members should get access to my new posts and videos, not the posts and videos I have already created. They only get access to new...

/ August 3, 2016
Ask Sell with WP

Create a Sidebar Login for your Membership Site

We’ve got an Ask Sell with WP question queued up for you today! This question is from Jeremy: I have a membership site and I want it to be really easy for the members to log in so they can...

/ July 27, 2016
Ask Sell with WP

Sell Donation-Based Memberships with WooCommerce

Today’s Ask Sell with WP question is from Ramona: I use WooCommerce and the Member plugin and I would like that my members donate money for a membership instead of paying a set price. For example, they pay a minimum...

/ June 1, 2016
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Ask Sell with WP: Creating an iThemes Exchange Add to Cart Shortcode

I got an interesting question the other day from Jean: I’m switching from WooCommerce to iThemes Exchange, but I don’t see a way to use shortcodes for products in my blog posts like I could with WooCommerce. Am I missing...

/ October 28, 2015
Ask Sell with WP | sellwithwp

Ask SellwithWP: Free shipping for an order amount with Shopp

Today’s question comes from Fariq: How can I set up free shipping for a minimum order amount with Shopp? I can set up a free method, but I don’t think there’s a way to do it if orders are over...

/ November 4, 2014
Ask Sell with WP | sellwithwp

Ask SellwithWP: How to Set up Local Pickup with Shopp Plugin

This question comes from Michael: I’m using Shopp for my online store. Is there a way that I can allow customers to pick up their order from our shop instead of shipping orders if they live close by? Yes! There’s...

/ July 10, 2014
Ask Sell with WP | sellwithwp

Ask Sell with WP: What do you recommend?

We have several readers that ask us, what eCommerce plugin would you recommend if…? or which membership plugin should I use if…?. Many times, the answer is, “It depends.” Your needs, the size of your site in terms of traffic...

/ May 8, 2014
Ask Sell with WP | sellwithwp

Ask Sell with WP: Selling Physical Products with MemberMouse

Hello, readers! We’re starting a new section called “Ask Sell with WP” just for you! Many of you have emailed us with questions while comparing different services, or simply want more information on a plugin or platform. We’ve gotten some...

/ March 11, 2014