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WP eStore WordPress eCommerce Plugin Review | SellwithWP

WordPress eCommerce Plugins: WP eStore Review

This is post 15 of 16 in the series “WordPress eCommerce Platforms Guide” (Click to expand) WP eStore Review WP eStore is one of the more mature WordPress eCommerce plugins available, as it’s been in development for about five years. While...

/ March 31, 2014

Growing WordPress eCommerce: Interview with Justin Sainton

Editor’s Note: This post was written based on an interview with Justin Sainton. Justin is the founder of Zao, a WordPress Agency, and Lead Developer of the WP eCommerce Plugin, which was the first eCommerce solution for WordPress. He’s also...

/ March 5, 2014
Sell with WordPress | Integrating Shopify and WordPress

Shopify and WordPress eCommerce

Most people looking to set up an eCommerce site with WordPress are familiar with the eCommerce plugins built for WordPress and therefore install WordPress and their plugin of choice on a self-hosted site. There are some popular platforms, such as...

/ March 3, 2014
Sell using WordPress | WP EasyCart Review

WordPress eCommerce Platforms: WP EasyCart Review

This is post 14 of 16 in the series “WordPress eCommerce Platforms Guide” (Click to expand) The New Kid: WP EasyCart Review WP EasyCart is one of the newest eCommerce solutions available for WordPress, as it was launched about six months...

/ February 19, 2014
Sell with WordPress | WooCommerce 2.1 Review

New Release! WooCommerce 2.1 Review

WooCommerce 2.1 was released this Monday! While we already wrote a preview of WooCommerce 2.1, we’re following up with a WooCommerce 2.1 Review now that the updates have been officially released. We’ve aimed to cover features and changes that we...

/ February 12, 2014
Sell with WordPress | Shopp Plugin Review

All About Shopp: Interview with Jonathan Davis

From the editor: This post is based on an interview with Jonathan Davis, founder of Ingenesis Ltd, developers of the Shopp eCommerce plugin for WordPress. Shopp is one of the most mature eCommerce plugins for WordPress (see our full review...

/ February 3, 2014
Sell with WordPress | Shopp Plugin Review

Understanding the Shopp Theme API

From the Editor: This is a guest post from Clif Griffin, who is a WordPress developer, consultant, and Shopp core contributor. You can find more information about Clif’s work at CGD, Inc. Some readers have emailed to request help on...

/ January 20, 2014
eCommerce site migration

WordPress eCommerce Site Migrations Made Easy

Editor’s Note: This post is crafted from my interview with Adam Warner, co-founder of FooPlugins and brand ambassador for the WP Valet, and Eric Hoanshelt, co-founder and CTO of the WP Valet. Adam is an internet addict and is passionate...

/ January 13, 2014
Sell with WordPress | Easy Digital Downloads 1.9

Easy Digital Downloads 1.9 Review

Selling digital products using WordPress? Easy Digital Downloads has probably crossed your radar. We reviewed Easy Digital Downloads 1.9, which was released late yesterday, to take a look at some of the significant updates to the core plugin. If you’re...

/ January 8, 2014
Sell with WordPress | Review of Membership Sites using WordPress

Wrap-up: Membership Sites with eCommerce Plugins

This is post 5 of 8 in the series “Membership Sites” (Click to expand) Integrating Membership Sites with eCommerce Plugins We’ve recently written several articles on creating membership sites using WordPress eCommerce platforms that we’d like to summarize and compare side-by-side...

/ December 23, 2013
Sell with WordPress | Shopp Plugin Review

Shopp 1.3 Released!

Shopp 1.3 was released on Friday, and the new release brings about some drastic changes to the plugin itself, as well as the entire revenue model for the plugin and developer Ingenesis Limited. If you want the list of what’s...

/ December 17, 2013
Sell with WordPress | Ecwid Review

eCommerce Platforms for WordPress: Ecwid Review

This is post 13 of 16 in the series “WordPress eCommerce Platforms Guide” (Click to expand) Ecwid Review Ecwid has been an interesting competitor in the WordPress market since it’s launch in 2009. While Ecwid isn’t truly a WordPress plugin, it...

/ December 16, 2013