woocommerce subscribe and save

Create a WooCommerce Subscribe and Save System

Offering subscriptions for products in your eCommerce store is a great way to develop consistency in your revenue and manage inventory. They increase customer lifetime value, as they ensure that customers repeat purchases in your store. The Prospress blog has...

/ October 26, 2015
WooCommerce Size Guide

How to Create a WooCommerce Size Guide

Clothing is the number one most-purchased product category for US consumers in eCommerce stores, and apparel sales in eCommerce stores account for over $60 billion in revenue in the US alone. As clothing is the most popular item in eCommerce...

/ October 12, 2015
WooCommerce Member Coupons with AutomateWoo

Automate WooCommerce Member Coupons with AutomateWoo

One question I’ve gotten a lot is how to give members or subscribers a periodic discount for products on your site, which is no easy feat to accomplish. Sites that have subscriptions or memberships that entitle members to a set...

/ October 5, 2015
Drive eCommerce form conversions with AffiliateWP

Drive eCommerce Form Conversions with an Affiliate Network

If your site is focused on selling a very small selection of products, you may not need a full eCommerce solution to manage the sales of your product(s). In this case, you might have a landing page with an ordering...

/ September 28, 2015
Add trust badges to checkout

Add Trust Badges or Seals to Checkout

There are tons of strategies that can help you improve your checkout page, but including trust badges or seals within the checkout process is an easy change to A/B test, and that typically yields conversion increases for most sites. It’s...

/ July 27, 2015
Create Online Ordering System gravity forms

Using Gravity Forms as a Restaurant Online Ordering System

I get asked a lot about which eCommerce solution is the right fit for a project. Many times, a full eCommerce solution isn’t necessary to accept payments online. If you need a complex ordering form, and you don’t tools like...

/ July 15, 2015
Group memberships with WooCommerce

How to Sell Group Memberships with WooCommerce

This post is now outdated, there’s a plugin to do it for you! Check out WooCommerce Memberships and the Teams for Memberships add-on to sell corporate or group memberships. When you build a membership site with WordPress, you have lots...

/ June 22, 2015
Custom emails WooCommerce

How to Add Information to WooCommerce Emails

WooCommerce emails include each line item in an order by default within an “order items” table. This table is automatically included in almost every WooCommerce transactional email, and displays the product quantity, price, and total. However, this isn’t the only...

/ May 27, 2015
Conditional Content WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing

Display Wholesale Discount Notices with WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing

We’ve already showed you how you can create a WooCommerce wholesale store, as well as how you can manage wholesale customers and use wholesale applications to create and approve wholesale customers. The one necessary plugin to create this WooCommerce wholesale...

/ May 18, 2015
Ask Sell with WP | sellwithwp

How to discount Easy Digital Downloads Payment Methods

Today’s Ask Sell with WP question comes from Piotr: How can I give discounts for using a payment method with Easy Digital Downloads? I want to encourage my customers to use something other than PayPal, so I want to give...

/ May 11, 2015
Product Reviews Employee Badges

Improving Product Reviews: Add Employee Badges

If you could watch me shop online, you’d see that I’m crazy about reading product reviews. It doesn’t matter to me if I’m buying bath towels or a new TV. I’m almost ashamed of how much time I’ve spent reading...

/ April 13, 2015

Managing WooCommerce Wholesale Customers

Monday’s post discussed creating a wholesale system with WooCommerce. While this article covered a bit on creating wholesale customers, it didn’t discuss how I typically manage those customers or add new wholesale buyers. I’ll first describe in a bit more...

/ April 8, 2015