woocommerce wholesale

How to Create a WooCommerce Wholesale System

WooCommerce works out of the box for direct-to-consumer sales, but business-to-business sales require extensions or additional plugins. Creating a WooCommerce wholesale system also requires additional setup, as wholesale customers, pricing, and payment or shipping methods need to be created. Fortunately,...

/ April 6, 2015
Pricing Tables with WordPress

Create WordPress Pricing Tables within 6 Minutes

While many eCommerce shops have catalogs with hundreds, or even thousands, of products, there are lots of shops that provide a very limited product offering. There are also times where they have related products, from which customers will choose the...

/ March 30, 2015
Restrict payment and shipping methods in woocommerce

Restrict Payment or Shipping Methods in WooCommerce

I get asked this question a lot, and it’s an excellent question: Can I only offer certain payment or shipping methods to certain customers in my WooCommerce store? This question typically arises for shops that have members or wholesale customers,...

/ March 23, 2015

Why You Should Sell Gift Certificates & Plugins That Can Help

When you’re launching a new eCommerce store, you’ll probably focus largely on your product line, followed by your fulfillment workflow and online storefront. You may not be thinking about what other products you could offer, or how you can expand...

/ March 9, 2015

Change Shop Messages or Text to Fit Your Brand

I love that many eCommerce plugins for WordPress make it easy to set up and launch a shop without tons of configuration. However, as you’re running your shop, you may want to fine-tune what the plugin does, such as change...

/ February 23, 2015
Easy Digital Downloads custom payment statuses

Adding an Easy Digital Downloads Custom Payment Status

The core Easy Digital Downloads plugin includes pretty much any payment or order status you’d need to sell a downloadable product: Pending Complete Refunded Failed Abandoned Revoked Orders will be created as ‘pending’ if they’re awaiting payment, and be set...

/ February 9, 2015
iThemes Exchange purchasing clubs

Create a purchasing club with iThemes Exchange

While many membership plugins focus on only restricting content (like Restrict Content Pro, which we recently reviewed), some sites will sell products aside from memberships, and can even require memberships to access products or discounts in the shop. These eCommerce...

/ February 2, 2015
Create a store for customers only

Create a Store for Customers Only with WooCommerce

This tutorial stems from a question I’ve been asked in several forms: How do I create a purchasing club? How can I sell to customers only? Can I allow some products to be sold to existing customers only? Can I...

/ January 21, 2015
Create an ecommerce marketplace with woocommerce

How to create a vendor marketplace with WooCommerce

Maintaining a unique, profitable product line is really hard. Pricing those products, managing an eCommerce store, and dealing with administrative tasks like shipping or website hosting can add to the burden of many entrepreneurs, which is why eCommerce marketplaces have...

/ January 14, 2015
Add social sharing buttons to easy digital downloads

How to add social sharing buttons to Easy Digital Downloads

Your social media marketing can be an important branding and customer service strategy, so we’ve already discussed how to get better at social eCommerce. One of the things you can do is add sharing buttons to your product pages so...

/ January 7, 2015
Add custom sales status to WP eCommerce

How to add a custom sales status to WP eCommerce

WP eCommerce includes several core sales statuses that can be used to manage the orders in your shop. Incomplete sale: customer added items to the cart but didn’t finish the purchase Order received: order created but awaiting payment (i.e., a...

/ January 5, 2015
Ask Sell with WP | sellwithwp

How to send download links to customers after purchase

Today’s question is from Carl: How can I send download links to customers after purchase? For example, if they purchase custom design services, I’d like to send them a proof or final download in the “Account” section rather than emailing...

/ December 23, 2014