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August Free Plugin of the Month: Catalog WooCommerce Products

This is post 8 of 12 in the series “Free eCommerce Add-ons 2016” (Click to expand) If your business needs an online product catalog, you can use WooCommerce to create listings of all your products without selling them. You can catalog...

/ August 15, 2016
eCommerce pricing tables

Pricing Tables for WordPress Stores

Pricing tables are a quick way to give your customers an overview of your product features, and provide a comparison between different products. This may not be apparent by looking at your product catalog. By adding a pricing table to...

/ July 18, 2016

Restrict Content Pro 2.6 Review

Restrict Content Pro version 2.6 was released this week, along with a Content Dripping Add-on for professional license holders, making this a really great update for Restrict Content Pro users. The admin UI is improved, along with better invoices and...

/ July 13, 2016

July Free Plugin of the Month: Checkout Notes for Easy Digital Downloads

This is post 7 of 12 in the series “Free eCommerce Add-ons 2016” (Click to expand) If you have an Easy Digital Downloads store, there may be instances where you want additional information from your customers during the standard checkout. In...

/ July 11, 2016
Easy Digital Downloads Review

Easy Digital Downloads 2.6 Review

A new version of Easy Digital Downloads was released on Friday, so today’s Easy Digital Downloads 2.6 Review will take a look at the major changes in version 2.6 for store owners. If you want some additional details on EDD...

/ June 27, 2016

June Free Plugin of the Month: WooCommerce Shipping Estimates

This is post 6 of 12 in the series “Free eCommerce Add-ons 2016” (Click to expand) WooCommerce 2.6 included big changes to the shipping settings. WooCommerce now has shipping zones instead of just shipping methods. You can learn more in this...

/ June 22, 2016
WooCommerce Review

WooCommerce 2.6 Review

WooCommerce 2.6 is coming this week (most likely tomorrow!), so we’re outlining what’s new and changed in this WooCommerce 2.6 Review. As we detailed in our WooCommerce 2.5 Review, version 2.5 was primarily focused on making WooCommerce more performant and...

/ June 13, 2016
eCommerce Theme WooCommerce theme

WooCommerce Themes: HandyStore Theme Review

Many people start their eCommerce journeys by selling handmade crafts and products. As a start, people can showcase their handmade products on social media sites like Pinterest, or start selling them on marketplaces like Etsy. As people transition from selling...

and / May 16, 2016
captainform review: purchase forms

Creating Purchasing Forms: CaptainForm Review

When you’re looking to sell a product online, you may want to get started quick, and may not need all of the feature of a full-fledged eCommerce platform. When you’re in this situation, a simple purchasing form may do just...

/ May 11, 2016

May Free Plugin of the Month: T-Shirt Designer

This is post 5 of 12 in the series “Free eCommerce Add-ons 2016” (Click to expand) Many companies allow personalization on their products. Think about the engraving you can get on the back of Apple products, or write customized messages for...

/ May 2, 2016

April Free Plugin of the Month: Role-Based Pricing

This is post 4 of 12 in the series “Free eCommerce Add-ons 2016” (Click to expand) If you have an online store built with WooCommerce, you can easily discount prices for special occasions or promotions by inputting the Sale Price of...

/ April 13, 2016
WooCommerce Product Carousel

Create Effective WooCommerce Product Carousels with WooThumbs

I know immediately that advocating for a carousel or slider of any kind in the title of this blog post may have already stirred some people up. And with good reason! Image carousels or sliders take a lot of heat...

/ March 23, 2016