Easy Digital Downloads is a popular choice for eCommerce sites selling digital products, such as software or music. We’ve written in depth reviews of the core plugin and the EDD 1.9 update if you’re looking for a comprehensive view of what the plugin can do.

EDD 2.0 will be released later this week, so we’ve previewed the plugin to bring you an Easy Digital Downloads 2.0 review.

Easy Digital Downloads 2.0 Review link

The EDD v2.0 release is more of an evolution for the plugin than a revolution, but I think users will love some of the changes. There aren’t a ton of new features, but there are some UI changes and cleanup done to make the plugin even more user-friendly. We’ll go through some of the most significant changes here, but I’d recommend reading the overview at EDD as well (there’s a great video of changes).

Keep an eye out for the full release at the end of this week!

Discounts link

The changes to discount codes are my favorite part about the EDD v2.0 release (though the export changes are handy, too). Creating discount codes has been tweaked to be simpler. Previously, setting rules and requirements for discounts took a bit of effort to understand. Rules for setting restrictions and exclusions for discounts have been re-worded and clarified:

Easy Digital Downloads 1.9 Discounts

EDD 1.9 Discounts

Easy Digital Downloads 2.0 Review | Discounts

EDD 2.0 Discounts

You can still restrict coupons to certain downloads, and allow the discount for only those items, or for the entire cart – it’s now just easier to do so.

You could previously add downloads to the cart automatically by adding ?edd_action=add_to_cart&download_id=POST_ID to your store’s URL and substituting in your product’s post ID (you could also use the checkout page URL to display this immediately). However, you can now pass in discount codes via URL as well using ?discount=DISCOUNT_CODE, which can let you automatically add downloads and a discount to the cart.

For example, let’s say I want to add a product along with my 20OFF coupon when a user clicks my button or link. I’ll add the add_to_cart action and discount code to my checkout URL: https://MYSTORE.com/checkout?edd_action=add_to_cart&download_id=PROD_ID&discount=20off. This is great for newsletter promotions or coupons to reduce friction to purchasing! All customers have to do is press “submit”.

Finally, discount code handling has been improved on the frontend. Users now see a button to “Apply” the discount so they have some feedback as to when the discount code has been added. Error message for discounts are also now more descriptive, and will tell users if the discount doesn’t apply, is expired, and more:

Easy Digital Downloads 2.0 Review DIscount invalid

Invalid Discount

Easy Digital Downloads 2.0 Review DIscount expired

Expired Discount

Tools and Exports link

The Tools page has been reworked and some additions have been made. First, System Info is now located under Tools rather than as its own menu item. A tool to ban email address from purchase has also been added, as many users previously needed a free plugin to do this. The settings import/export is located under Tools as well. A tab for API keys has also been added so that you can manage access for users and external apps, such as the iOS earnings app.

Easy Digital Downloads 2.0 Review | tools

EDD 2.0 Tools

Exports have gotten some love in v2.0, which is a really cool improvement to see. You can now export earnings and sales stats for a specific date range from the Exports tab under Downloads > Reports.

Easy Digital Downloads 2.0 Review | Earnings Export

Earnings Export

Payment History exports now include customer billing addresses if collected, and Customer Exports have also been upgraded. Previously customer CSV exports could be done for customers that purchased a specific product. You can now narrow down these exports even further to only export customers that have purchased a particular price option for a product (i.e., the unlimited version of your plugin vs. other versions).

Easy Digital Downloads 2.0 Review | Customer Exports

Customer Exports

Misc Settings link

Some settings have been tweaked or added for the v2.0 release as well. First, you can now force SSL on checkout to ensure that customers always hit the https:// checkout page.

Easy digital downloads 2.0 review | Force SSL

Force SSL

Registration options are more detailed, and will allow you to determine what forms should be shown on the checkout page:

Easy Digital downloads 2.0 Review | registration settings

Registration Settings

Last, but certainly not least, the ability to force order numbers to be sequential has been added, which will be helpful for some EU shops that require this. You can set optionally set a prefix and/or suffix for your order numbers, and select where order numbers should start.

Easy Digital Downloads 2.0 Review | order numbers

Order Numbers

You can also apply the new order number settings to previous orders by running an upgrade routine, which will change all old order numbers:

Easy Digital Downloads 2.0 Review | Order Numbers Update

Order Numbers Update

Payment History and Orders link

The Payment History and Order Details screens have been tweaked to improve search and clean up details. Previously, you could only search for customer emails, names, and purchase keys. You can now also search for PayPal transactions using txn:transaction_number, users based on ID, purchase IDs, and downloads in an order.

Easy Digital Downloads 2.0 Review | Payments search

EDD 1.9 Payments Search

Easy Digital Downloads 2.0 Review | Payments search

EDD 2.0 Payments Search

On the Order Details screen, you can now flag payments as unlimited downloads and view file download logs easily within order screen:

Easy digital Downloads 2.0 Review | Order Screen Changes

Order Screen Changes

Other Changes link

Easy Digital Downloads 2.0 has also made checkout slightly easier for users. If you allow quantity changes in the cart or checkout, this has also been updated. Users no longer have to click “Update Cart” to apply these changes, which had previously led to issues. Updates will now automatically be applied to the cart and total when quantities are changed.

EDD also now enables revision history for products (just like posts and pages) so you can view and restore changes if this is not disabled by your host.

Easy Digital Downloads 2.0 Review Conclusions link

There are a few other small changes and tweaks, but this covers the bulk of the changes in EDD 2.0. My favorite changes are the discount code creation tweaks, as I found it a bit easier to create coupons, and the additional export options. There are some other changes going on behind the scenes, but as a user, you probably won’t see all of these. If you want the full list of changes, remember to check out the beta announcement post.

Keep your eye out for the Easy Digital Downloads 2.0 update at the end of this week!

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