Version 2.2 of Easy Digital Downloads was released on Tuesday, which refines shop administration and provides some new features related to quantity selectors and products with multiple options. There are also some minor improvements and for-developers changes to note. We’ll go over the major points of what’s been changed or added in this version 2.2 overview.

Easy Digital Downloads 2.2 Review: What’s Changed

One of the most significant changes to Easy Digital Downloads in version 2.2 is on the “View Order” page. In Easy Digital Downloads 2.1, customer information was displayed first, and payment information was split up between a couple of meta boxes:

Easy Digital Downloads 2.2 Review | 2.1 view order

EDD 2.1 View Order

Easy Digital Downloads 2.2 has changed the “View Order” screen to put purchase details first, and has combined the payment totals with the rest of the “payment update” actions.

Easy Digital Downloads 2.2 Review | view order

EDD 2.2 View Order

New logs have also been added to this page. You can now view a customer download log and customer purchases in addition to the purchase download log. Your orders have better multi-currency support as well, as historical currency data is now correctly displayed even if the shop currency changes.

EDD 2.2 features better tax settings, as this screen has been simplified from the 2.1 version.

Easy Digital Downloads 2.2 Review | 2.1 taxes

EDD 2.1 Taxes

You no longer have to set up a shop base, as this wasn’t really needed. You can now get right to creating your tax rates, which can still be set based on region with a default as the fallback.

Easy Digital Downloads 2.2 Review | tax settings

EDD 2.2 Taxes

Purchase button shortcodes have also been tweaked in this version. Previously, you could create a purchase link for any product using the product’s ID. However, this shortcode can now accept an ID for a particular variant / purchasing option as well using the price_id attribute like this:

[purchase_link id="73" price_id="1"]

This lets you create a purchasing button for a particular option for a product (if there are multiple options).

Easy Digital Downloads 2.2 Review: What’s New

Easy Digital Downloads 2.2 has added quantity selectors in purchase forms for shops that allow quantities of a particular item to be adjusted. Previously, these could only be adjusted on the checkout page.

Easy Digital Downloads 2.2 Review | 2.1 quantities

EDD 2.1 Quantities

When viewing items in the shop or on a product page, quantities could not be adjusted:

Easy Digital Downloads 2.2 Review | no quantities
Easy Digital Downloads 2.2 Review | 2.1 quantities

While quantities can still be adjusted at checkout, quantity selectors have now been added to the purchasing forms for products, and will be displayed once for single purchasing options, or with each option if multiple option purchasing is enabled:

Easy Digital Downloads 2.2 Review | quantities
Easy Digital Downloads 2.2 Review | quantities

Speaking of multiple options, you can now also set a default option, which will be selected first when customers view your products.

The “View Order” screen also has something new aside from the new log additions: transaction IDs are now linked to relevant page in your payment processing account. This makes it quick and easy to check out the full details for a payment and issue a refund if needed.

Finally, per product fees have been added to Easy Digital Downloads 2.2. Fees could previously be added on a per-cart basis, but they can now be added if a particular product is in the cart. This is very handy for things like licensing fees or taxes for particular items that need to be assessed outside of the product price.

Easy Digital Downloads 2.2 Review: Summary

Easy Digital Downloads 2.2 adds some nice evolutionary features that make shop management easier on a day-to-day basis. I like the changes to the “View Order” screen the best, as they better organize payment details, and provide the information you probably want first: what was purchased in the order. The links to extra logs are also a handy addition for your own tracking and reporting.

There are changes that developers will be happy about as well. The new EDD_download class makes it easier to create, update, or access product information, and the addition of per-product fees capability to the EDD_fees class provides more flexibility in charging fees manually or via an extension. The release post has more details on these changes.

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