Editorial / Affiliate Policy

Here are our editorial and affiliate policies:

What we publish

Our goal is to simply provide the highest quality content possible within the WordPress eCommerce space, whether it comes from us or a guest post. We welcome tips and suggestions (contact us with them!) for great products, services, or new tricks. We will only publish content that we feel benefits our audience, so we may stray into general eCommerce tips or WordPress reviews, but hey, that’s okay. The main goal is to provide the eCommerce vantage point that many sites lack or gloss over.

Affiliate Policy

Our site features referral and advertisement links within posts and banners. Monetizing our site affords us the ability to take time away from our jobs to write the best quality content about WordPress eCommerce you can find, and it also allows us to invest in new products to try and pays for site hosting and maintenance. We use our referral commissions to improve the site and to continue to deliver quality content, so your support is always appreciated. 🙂

For some sites, writing a favorable review is an easy way to embed an affiliate link and make a quick buck. We don’t operate that way. We’re committed to always providing top-notch content and honest reviews. If we don’t like a product, we’re more than prepared to tell you. Our recommendations are based on our experiences, not on which products we get commissions for selling. Our integrity is worth far more to us than a few bucks. In fact, for almost all products or services we promote, we only become affiliates after deciding that we’d want to recommend the product to others and have already written about the product here, and we’ve turned down invitations to affiliate programs for products we don’t feel comfortable supporting.

If we stop recommending a product we support as an affiliate in the future, we won’t hold back our opinion from you. We strive to give you the best information possible and let you make your own decision on what works best for you. Sometimes we might get a commission, sometimes not – and we’re okay with that.

We will always disclose referral links to our readers and provide alternatives following each post. Any link from our site that ends in /link/productname will result in a commission for us should you choose to purchase. We gladly support others who direct us to useful products, and would appreciate your support if we’ve directed you to something that helps you improve your website, as the commissions ensure that we can maintain high standards for our own.

Product / Service Reviews

We write reviews on products provided to us or ones we’ve purchased ourselves, as well as paid reviews. We provide information within each post to disclose if the product or service has been given to us for review, though our reviews will always be honest. Paid reviews are simply bumped to the top of the review queue and will be of the quality and objectivity you’ve grown to expect from Sell with WP. We don’t guarantee that we’ll review everything we’re sent, but if we find something that we feel will help our readers, we’re more than happy to share!

Changes / Updates

We reserve the right to change or update any information on this blog as needed or as we see fit without prior notice to readers, partners, or users. Please contact us for more information if needed.


If you have questions we didn’t cover, please contact us so we can clear up any confusion!