In this email case study, we take a look at the order confirmation email from Drizly, an online liquor store, when you purchase and send a gift to someone. Instead of the standard order confirmation, this email outlines information that you need, and mentions what the process is for the gift recipient.

We break down what works well in the email, what can be improved, and what got our click.

Gift email confirmation: What works well

gift email confirmation part 1

Gift confirmation email – Top half

1. Coupon call-out

One of the first things that stands out in the email is the coupon code for future purchases. This provides the customer with extra incentive to go back to the site and order again, create additional value for customers, and build brand loyalty.

You can choose the reward you want to give customers to provide this incentive. These can be free samples of your products, store credit, reward points, discount codes, etc. When you do send these out, make sure to highlight them in your emails to make them more memorable.

2. Copy

The copy of the email is written in a conversational and casual tone. Rather than stating facts – here is a coupon, below is information, and so forth – the copy takes you through what’s in the email and why it is there. The main parts of the copy introduce the coupon, the next steps for the recipient to get their gift, and that the recipient would not see payment information or prices. The copy also includes important legal information and who the merchant of record would be.

This way, the copy walks the customer through different parts of the email and highlights key areas that a gift sender would specifically be interested in. You can take a similar approach to the customizations based on different product types.

gift email part 2

Gift confirmation email – Bottom half

3. Recipient information

An important part for a gift sender is to double-check that the recipient information was entered correctly. The email separates out this information from the payment details to make it easy to locate the section and review the details.

Gift email confirmation: What can be improved

There is not much that needs changing in this email. Some minor things would be adding personalization, for example, the customer’s name. Another thing that is noticeable is the styling in the top half where the dark text doesn’t stand out as much with the red background.

Gift email confirmation: What got our click

The coupon for giving a gift stands out in the email. The copy around the coupon also cleverly introduces it rather than having a generic “thank you for shopping – here’s a coupon for future purchases” message.

You can pick the type of reward or incentive you want to provide in your emails and make sure it stands out. By providing a coupon code, you further incentivize a customer to come back and shop at your store.

Gift email confirmation: Takeaway

Drizly sends a personalized email confirmation when you send a gift to someone else. In this email, they add a coupon for you as a reward since you’ve just introduced their brand to someone else. In addition, the email outlines the recipient’s information and clearly highlights what information the recipient would not see.

The email provides the information a gift sender would need, and gives them an additional reason to go back and shop on the store. When you think about order confirmation emails, keep these two things in mind.

Do you personalize templates for different types of orders? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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