In this email case study, we look at the new product release email from Withings that provides a brief introduction to the product, and then prompts recipients to sign up for the launch announcement. This helps build a list of people who would be interested in the product so that marketing efforts can be focused on them.

In this post, we’ll take a look at what works well in the email, what needs to be improved, and the main thing that got us to click.

new product release email from withings

New product release email from Withings

New product release: What works well in the email

1. Big image

One of the first things that you notice in the email is the big image of the two watches. The two are variants of the newest fitness tracker being launched by the company. The clear images help display the new features that are part of the watch. The two variants also highlight the different colors and dial sizes available.

Professionally-done high-quality product images capture people’s attention while creating a good first impression for your new products. As anticipation for the launch builds up, these images will go a long way in anchoring a positive association in your customer’s minds.

2. Product focus

The content of the email puts a spotlight on the new features that people would be most interested in. In this case, it is the fact that a heart rate monitor is being added to an analog fitness tracker. In the short description, the content hits all the key points while also mentioning a few use cases for the watch, and its ultimate goal – “take you from the office, to the gym, to a night out – and help you improve your overall health.”

In this way, if the image gives us a complete view of the product, the description gives us a complete view of how we can use the product.

3. Call to action

The email’s call to action is very clearly defined in the button where people can be added to the launch announcement list. Prior to the call to action button, the value proposition is also made clear where the list will be the first to know about the launch. In this way, the email prompts people to be a part of an exclusive list of people.

There is a secondary call to action as well that links people to the new product page where they can find more information. When sending such emails, you can go with a few different calls to action based on how strong you want your ask to be:

  • purchase through a pre-order
  • add to a list to find out first
  • go to a page with more product information

New product release: What can be improved

1. Personalization

The email is sent to a list of existing customers or newsletter subscribers. For both audiences, the email can be more personalized to mention people’s names in a greeting, what type of product they had purchased and why they may be interested in this one, and a signature from a person at Withings like the lead of product development, as an example.

2. Description layout

Although the short description of the new product captures high-value points, these are easy to be missed within the paragraph. Instead, the layout can be changed to bullets so that each point is separate and more visible. This provides better comprehension of the new features.

3. Social buttons

Although the social buttons mimic the footer of the Withings website and give people an avenue to connect with the brand, the email doesn’t make it clear why people should follow the brand on social sites. “Get social with us!” is a bit ambiguous. Instead, the copy can mention what people can expect from following the brand on social platforms. For example, something like “See how people use our products!” gives readers a better idea of what’s being shared.

New product release: What got us to click

The layout and style of the email is very clean with a lot of whitespace. This aligns with the Withings brand style. Part of this style is the big image of the two new watches. The images are very clear and give us a good sense of what the product would be like. In addition, the two images are of two different variants so we get a good picture of the new offerings. This certainly got us to click.

New product release: Takeaway

This email is a good example of marketing to create a buzz for new products. The big image helps showcase the product and the short description highlights its uniqueness. Since the watch will be launched at a later date, this email helps capture a list of people who would be interested in purchasing the watch.

For your store, you can build a list of potential customers by sending the email to everyone on your mailing list and collecting an email list specifically for launch. This allows you to have a very targeted segment to which you can market. In addition to the launch announcement, you can set up your store to accept pre-orders. You can learn more about strategies and plugins to market new products in this post.

Have you seen good new product emails? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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