‘Tis the season of store promotions and sales. As customers plan their gift purchases and needs for the new year, and merchants do and inventory flush, the year-end holidays are a perfect time for discounts. For promotions on eCommerce stores, one of the best way to let your customers know about the sale is through emails.

In this post, we’ll take a look at an email that comes closer to the end of your promotion campaign. Our example will be the sale reminder email from Moo, makers of premium business cards, stickers, postcards, etc.

Sale reminder from Moo: What works

sale reminder first half

Top half of the sale reminder email from Moo

1. Layout

The layout is one of the strongest points of this email. The emails starts with an image highlighting the details around the sale and a clear call-to-action button. The email then showcases three products that are included in the sale to give more details about the products.

There is a custom link for each of these products so that customers can directly go to the specific product category. Lastly, the email clearly states the products not included in the promotion and ends with links to social profiles.

2. Graphics

The email is visually very clean while still capturing the products and their details. The graphics fit in perfectly with the layout of the email giving it a very professional and premium look. This is part of the Moo brand, and the email certainly helps showcase it.

sale reminder bottom half

Bottom half of the sale reminder email from Moo

3. Copy

The copy that goes along with the images is clear and concise. The value proposition for each product is unique and captured within a heading and a description sentence. The copy focuses on how customers can use the products. This highlights the value customers get from purchasing these products.

Sale reminder from Moo: What doesn’t work

There’s not much that I can point out in this email that doesn’t work. One of the things that can be improved is the personalization of the email. Since I’ve been a previous customer with Moo, they have my details, like name and past orders, in their system.

You can personalize your emails by including one or some of these details (a greeting with the customer name is a simple one) in your emails. Another thing you can do is add a personal signature to the email. This helps humanize your brand which helps create better customer engagement.

Sale reminder from Moo: What got us to click

The large image at the beginning of the email that showcases some of the products on sale along with a clear call to action underneath got us to click. This is a perfect example of not burying the lead. The point of the email is captured in that top half with pertinent information:

  • how much time is left
  • how much discount is available
  • what type of products does it apply to, and
  • where to go to get the discount

You can find your own way to highlight the above information in a succinct and visually-appealing way. Capturing this towards the top of the email will help better funnel people to the promotion and your store.

Sale reminder from Moo: Takeaway

The sale reminder email is an essential part of any promotional campaign for your store. Although the promotion launch email probably gets most people to look at the promotion, some people may put off the purchase knowing that there is still time to get the discounted price. This is especially true if your customers weren’t already planning to purchase your products. Think of it this way, for an item you hadn’t planned to purchase, there probably weren’t too many times you made a purchase the first time you saw it on sale.

Typically, the first time a customer finds out about the sale, it puts them on the path to purchase as they start considering the products. This is why a reminder email is crucial, especially closer to the end of the campaign. In today’s example, the email from Moo showcases the types of products on sale and adds additional information in the second half of the email.

What types of emails do you send during a promotion or sale? Are there some emails that work better for you than others? Please tell us in the comments below.

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