In this case study, we’ll take a look at the shipping confirmation email (also known as the order completion email) from Fitbit to see what works well, what you can improve in your emails, and what got our attention the most.

Shipping confirmation email from Fitbit: What works well

shipping confirmation email fitbit part 1

Top of the email from Fitbit

1. Language and design

One of the first things that stands out at the beginning of the email is the conversational tone in the language of the email. This helps this standard transactional email stand out and shows an extra level of care put behind each of their interactions with customers.

The language helps promote the voice of the brand, and the clean design with the right font sizes helps align the experience with the brand as well.

2. Call to action

The tracking number with link to the shipping provider’s tracking site is the main call to action of this email. Even though this information is generally available in other such emails, highlighting it as the main call to action recognizes that this is the highest-value next step for customers.

3. Order details

Lastly, all the appropriate order details are covered in the email to provide an overview of the transaction, including the products and prices, order number for reference, billing and shipping addresses, payment card number, and a link to contact support in case anything is wrong.

These are all essential details that a customer may need to refer to, and including them in the email helps avoid them to look for other emails that contain this information.

Shipping confirmation email from Fitbit: What can improve

shipping confirmation email fitbit part 2

Bottom of the email

1. Image at bottom

The bottom of the email includes a long image without any text. Now, the image is relevant to the Fitbit brand, but personally, I feel that the image size can be smaller so customers don’t have to scroll that long to get to the last bit of information for contacting support. That space is valuable real estate on the screen that can be used for other items.

2. Recommended products

One thing that’s missing from the email is a recommended products section. You can add a section to your emails to include products for upsell and cross-selling opportunities. In this example, these products can include the accessories available for the Charge 2 fitness tracker.

This gives customers an additional look at some related products and may even include products that they missed looking at on your store.

Shipping confirmation email from Fitbit: What got our click

The use of language to create a conversational tone in the email got our click. This customization shows an additional level of thought put behind Fitbit’s online store. Instead of looking at the order payment transaction as the last touch point with customers, the customized language shows care put into each interaction with the customer that follows.

With simple tweaks to the content and design, you can also enhance your shipping confirmation or order completion emails. You can start small with just the language, and build up to layout and design changes. Each incremental improvement will help customers connect better with your brand.

Shipping confirmation email from Fitbit: Summary

The shipping confirmation is typically a standard transactional email that follows the order confirmation email when the shipping details become available. There are standard templates in most eCommerce platforms for this type of order completion email. This case study of the Fitbit email is a great example of how customizing the language in the email can help elevate a routine and standard email.

Fitbit leads into the email with playful language that aligns with their brand’s voice. This also creates interest with customers as we’re so used to seeing the same standard language in these emails. They’ve also highlighted the tracking number with link as the main call to action. Even though most similar emails contain this information, highlighting it makes it easy for customers to see shipping status.

Overall, the email is customized and unique which makes it stand out and creates a positive impression. What other shipping confirmation or order completion emails stand out for you? Please share in the comments below.

Posted by Jai Sangha

Jai is a regular contributor to Sell with WP, and helps merchants improve their WordPress eCommerce businesses with plugin reviews, marketing or customer service tips, and tutorials.