Social proof for your products can elevate your brand value and highlight the audience you’re targeting. In this email case study, we’ll take a look at the social proof email from Allen Edmonds around one of their products.

We’ll take a look at what works in the email, what you can consider improving in your emails, and what got our click.

Social proof email: What works

social proof email part 1

Social proof email – Part 1

1. Layout

One of the first things that stands out in this email is that it is very visual. There is a tagline of how the product is positioned – “Classic Beauty” – and an image of the product at the top. This establishes the product being presented.

In the first sentence of the copy, the email showcases the names of users who have worn the shoes in the past. It’s important that this is done up front so it doesn’t get lost in the midst of the copy.

This email mentions the names of customers, however, you don’t have to be limited to just that. You can also mention things like events where your products where used, groups who have backed your products, or even the number of purchasers or advocates who share on their social profiles.

social proof email part 2

Social proof email – Part 2

2. Long form copy

The email almost reads like a stripped down version of sales page with long-form copy. By focusing on just one product, you can dive deeper into the various aspects and features of the product.

The copy is easy to read and walks customers through things that they would consider while making a purchasing decision. By providing this information up-front, rather than customers having to go to the site, the email removes objections and effort to purchase.

social proof email part 3

Social proof email – Part 3

The copy is complemented with relevant images so that it’s easy to see what’s being discussed at a glance.

3. Shipping policy

The last piece that entices customers to make a purchase is mentioning the shipping and returns policy. If your store has favourable policies, make sure to highlight them in emails to improve conversion rates as the cost of not liking the purchase goes down.

Social proof email: What can be improved

1. Draw attention to differentiating content

Although the copy is concise and scannable within the layout, you can consider highlighting specific parts – like bolding the names of product users – to draw even more attention to them. This helps grab people’s attention and draw them in to read the rest of the copy.

2. Call to action button

One piece missing from this email is a call to action button that stands out. In an email of this length, you can have two buttons – one after the first image or paragraph, and another one at the end of the copy.

This helps direct people to the next step that would be specific to this purchase. Customers shouldn’t have to think about where they need to go once they’re willing to complete the purchase.

Social proof email: What got our click

For this email, it’s a combination of the names of product users and the scannable copy that got our click. It’s not every day that you receive an email about products that past presidents of the country have used. In addition, the copy is structured in a way that you can quickly learn more about the product as well.

Now, you may not have presidents using your products, but what’s important is to keep up with who your customers are, and how you can encourage people sharing their experience with your products. You can also look at sponsoring influencers in your target market.

Depending on what type of social proof you want, you can grow it organically through your social platforms, or approach specific people with paid advertising.

Social proof email: Takeaway

Emails showing social proof for your products doesn’t only showcase who uses your products, but also builds brand value and defines your target audience. In this email, some things that work well are the layout which makes it easy to scan, the copy which provides details about the product, and the clearly mentioned shipping and return policy.

Some things you can consider if you’re modelling off the layout of this email is where you can highlight – bold text – the names or other relevant information so that it stands out even further. In addition, having a call to action button towards the first half of the email can help capture customers who want to shop right away.

How do you showcase social proof? Please share in the comments below.

Posted by Jai Sangha

Jai is a regular contributor to Sell with WP, and helps merchants improve their WordPress eCommerce businesses with plugin reviews, marketing or customer service tips, and tutorials.