In this email case study, we’ll take a look at the welcome email from Brooklinen that customers receive by signing up for their newsletter on the site. The welcome email is typically the first in the lifecycle email sequence.

Welcome email from Brooklinen: What works well

welcome email from brooklinen part 1

Brooklinen’s welcome email (first half)

1. Offers and call to action

One of the first things you see in the email is the large call-to-action button prompting customers to shop. In addition, a store credit and free shipping offer is bolded in the main text. This text section is succinct to keep the focus of the content on the offer, along with the time sensitivity of being redeemable in 24 hours.

2. Product recommendations

The primary visual elements in the email are images of and links to popular products and product categories. If your store has a large number of products, you can help guide customers to some of your most commonly bought items.

The email further highlights this by dedicating a section to the bestselling product on the store. This helps narrow the choices customers have to think about to reduce analysis paralysis, and get an idea of what other customers are purchasing on your store.

3. Trust badges

The trust badges in this email are in the form of publications and external sites where the Brooklinen brand has been featured. In this email, the section links to the Brooklinen Press page where up to date media features are available.

By linking to the press page instead of individual publications, customers will be able to see all your other coverage, and you won’t have to update the email template as often to feature the latest releases.

As a new business, you can increase the trustworthiness of your brand by showcasing established publications that have written about you. This helps potential customers to reach a purchasing decision as the trust factor barrier is reduced.

welcome email from brooklinen part 2

Brooklinen’s welcome email (second half)

Welcome email from Brooklinen: Things that can improve

1. Link to policies

Although the email features free shipping in this email, it doesn’t link to the complete shipping policy page where customers can get full details about what free shipping entails – like whether there are any minimum order amounts, whether it applies to international orders, etc.

2. Personalization

The email does not have the receiver’s name in the greeting or a team member’s name in the signature. You can add both these to add a sense of personalization to your email. Adding a name of a team member – this can be the CEO or a customer experience lead – can help humanize the brand to establish a better connection with customers.

Welcome email from Brooklinen: What got our click

The trust badges showing publications in which the brand has been featured, along with the clear call to action got us to click. For customers making their first purchase with you, especially if you are a new company, highlighting publications that have written about you can help establish trust in your brand. This can help further legitimize your brand in the customers’ mind reducing their barriers to purchasing.

Welcome email from Brooklinen: Takeaway

The welcome email is likely going to be one of the first emails that a customer receives from your brand. These emails create the

In this case study of the welcome email from Brooklinen, we took a look at how featuring recommended products can narrow down the choices for customers and a clear call to action helps them go directly to the site to complete their purchase. You can showcase publications where your brand has been featured to build trust to get customers closer to the purchasing decision.

What essential elements should be included in the first email your customers see? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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