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Stores with physical products can edge up their average order value by setting higher free shipping thresholds. For stores with digital products, this number can be increased by setting minimum checkout amounts.

Store owners may also want to set minimum thresholds if they want customers to purchase a bundle and also be able to purchase individual items in addition to a bundle. This can either be done by putting a dependency on the bundle being in the cart.

However, you can give customers more flexibility to choose items they want to purchase while maintaining a minimum order to justify the cost of delivery by creating an order threshold. You can do this for stores set up on Easy Digital Downloads using a free extension.

Set minimum checkout amount: EDD Prevent Checkout plugin

The EDD Prevent Checkout extension for Easy Digital Downloads stores allows you to set a minimum checkout threshold under Downloads > Settings > Extensions.

minimum checkout amount settings

Set a minimum checkout threshold

As you try to grow your sales and increase your store’s average order value, you can set this amount to be higher than your current average order value.

If your store is new and you’re still experimenting with your prices and costs, setting this amount to be higher than your cost of delivering individual products can help move you towards profitability.

Set minimum checkout amount: Error message

Once the amount is saved in the settings, if a customer goes to checkout without the minimum order amount in their cart, an error message will display at checkout.

minimum checkout amount error

Checkout error

You can make sure that customers aren’t surprised by the error by highlighting the minimum order amount elsewhere on your store. If the right expectations are set on your site from the get go, it can help reduce customer annoyance at their checkout.

Set minimum checkout amount: Summary

Depending on the nature of your products and the cost associated with them, you may be losing money delivering the lower priced products individually. For digital products on your Easy Digital Downloads store, you can curb this by instituting a minimum checkout threshold that customers have to reach before they are able to complete their purchase.

You can use the free EDD Prevent Checkout plugin to set this threshold under Downloads settings. The simple plugin will display an error message in checkout if customers try to complete checkout with lower value in the cart.

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