Today’s question comes from Fariq:

How can I set up free shipping for a minimum order amount with Shopp? I can set up a free method, but I don’t think there’s a way to do it if orders are over $60.

There’s a way to do this! You don’t want to use the built-in free shipping method, though.

When you create a free option shipping method with Shopp, it assumes that this method should always be free. Going to Shopp > System > Shipping will allow you to set up your rates.

A free option method is great for things like delivery or pickup, which will be free regardless of how much is ordered. They can, however, be restricted based on regions.

Shopp Free Shipping Method

Free Option method

To offer free shipping based on order amount instead, we’ll want to use a different method. Create an Order Amount Tier shipping method.

When you do, you’ll be able to name your method, then add a minimum order amount for the method. In this case, let’s set the minimum order amount to $60 to offer free shipping. If the order amount is $60, add a cost of $0 for the shipping.

Shopp Free Shipping Promo

Set up a promo

You could also use this to create multiple tiers if you’d like; offer discounted shipping at a certain order amount, and free shipping at a higher amount.

Shopp Free Shipping Promo

Set up multiple promos

Once you’ve saved this method, customers will now only see it if they meet the minimum order amount. Orders with a subtotal below $60 will only see the other available shipping methods, such as ground shipping.

Shopp Free Shipping Promo

No free shipping available

Once the subtotal passes $60, then your new free shipping method will be displayed as an option:

Shopp Free Shipping Promo

Free Shipping available

Hope this helps you set up your own free shipping promos with Shopp!

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