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Terms of Use & Agreements for writers submitting articles

All guest posts submitted to should be original content, and should not be published elsewhere on the internet already or published elsewhere after being published on our site. We don’t guarantee that every submitted article will be published, but if your post is published we will credit you as the author with a brief bio and link back to your blog, website, or Twitter account.

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Please adhere to a few simple rules for post submissions:

  1. References to WordPress should be noted as “WordPress”, not “wordpress” or “Wordpress”.
  2. What do I love to see in a post? Quotes linking a full name to a website or Twitter profile, correctly-spelled company names, and (clearly) Oxford commas. ????
  3. Please submit posts or outlines by sharing a Google Docs link (ensure we have access to make suggestions and export the post).
  4. Please include links to any images (commercial use allowed) in your content, attach them in a zip file, or send in an email to (hello @ sellwithwp . com).