Hello everyone! We’re celebrating our first birthday today πŸ™‚ .

First, thanks so much to all of you who have shared our content, referenced our website, or sent over some words of encouragement in our first year. It’s really humbling to be able to help eCommerce business owners get their ideas of the ground or improve on an existing model, and I’ve personally enjoyed learning about how all of you use WordPress to sell your products or services.

Looking back on one year of writing, it’s been fun to see how things have changed and the site has grown (and we’re not done yet!). For example, here’s our growth in pageviews over the past few months:

SellwithWP Growth

Sell with WP Growth

So what else has happened in our first year?

We’ve published 182 articles over the past year (this is number 183!). We started out with a “Hello World” and our WordPress eCommerce Plugins guide last September, in which we reviewed the major WordPress eCommerce platforms available.

Since then, we haven’t looked back, and have regularly posted new articles at least 3 times per week – usually Monday and Wednesday with our weekly roundup on Friday. Our 52 weekly roundups have covered the eCommerce news we hear about or tutorials / articles we read each week from a variety of curated sources.

We started off with almost no pageviews and no comments or interaction, but kept posting πŸ™‚ . We’ve turned our focus primarily on helping power users and site administrators based on our first few months of experience and feedback from readers and friends. Our goal has evolved as we’ve written, and the basic mission of this site is to help your learn how to sell anything with WordPress.

So how did we get here?

We wrote. A lot. And by “we”, I mean I did a lot of writing with some great help and feedback from our other collaborators πŸ˜‰ . Even if Justin, Max, and others didn’t write as much on the site, they were invaluable in terms of helping to crystallize ideas and drafts, as well as to provide their insight while pre-reading articles.

But the key were was to continue writing. After a few months with no advertising, PPC campaigns, or anything else to market the site, we began to get a few hundred pageviews each day. I even popped a bottle of champagne when we had our first week that averaged over 100 pageviews each day. Though maybe that was just an excuse to pop a bottle of champagne now that I think about it. We’ve now amassed almost 200,000 pageviews and over 500 comments in the past year.

We’re now on pace to double our total number of pageviews in less than half the time this year due to the growth we’ve experienced.

Looking Forward

In year number 2, our goal is to continue being helpful. We’ll keep writing at least 3 times per week. We’ll keep finding the best WordPress eCommerce news and tutorials, even if we didn’t write them. We’ll continue to recommend great products, and tell you about ones we’d avoid.

Easy peasy πŸ™‚ .

A little help from my friends

As a closing note, I want to thank a few people in particular, and to ask a favor.

Some thank you’s:

  • Thanks so much to SkyVerge, who sponsors the site, as well as our advertisers – please pick out an ad and check out their products!
  • Thanks to Strunk’s The Elements of Style, which fully validates my Oxford Comma usage.
  • Thanks to Pippin Williamson, who has shared a lot of our content and always says “Thank you”.
  • Thanks to Brian Krogsgard, who has also shared a lot and been really encouraging.
  • Thanks Chris Lema for calling me a competitor πŸ˜‰ . It was the nicest compliment you could have paid me.

And a favor:
If you wouldn’t mind taking a second, I’d really love to hear your thoughts or suggestions in the comments – is there anything else you’d like to see from this site? Anything you’ve found helpful thus far? Feedback from readers is the most valuable thing for us moving forward, and I appreciate it immensely.

Also, if you’ve been reading this far, I’d like to give you a gift (backwards since it’s our birthday, I know). We’re giving away a free ticket to the first WooCommerce conference in November!


Thanks for being a part of our journey, and here’s to the next year!
Beka Rice

Cover Photo Credit: Joey Gannon (cc-by-sa-2.0 license)

Posted by Beka Rice

Beka Rice manages the direction of Sell with WP content and writes or edits most of our articles to share her interests in eCommerce. Or she just writes as an excuse to spend more time jamming out to anything from The Clash to Lady Gaga. Who knows.


  1. Congrats on the first birthday πŸ˜€

    Little websites grow up soooo fast! πŸ˜‰

  2. Congratulations Beka and Sell With WP! I think today you can justify popping at least 2 bottles of champagne!
    Keep up the great work πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Kirby! That’s good advice πŸ˜‰

  3. Thanks for the wonderful tips, tuts, and general all-around great articles! We should be giving YOU a gift =) I’ve appreciated being able to add this site to my arsenal of eCommerce tools – Happy Birthday SellwithWP!

    1. You’re quite welcome! So happy to hear it’s been helpful πŸ™‚ .

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