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In this edition of Free Plugin of the Month, we will review the EDD Sale Price extension for the Easy Digital Downloads plugin. The extension is authored by Shop Plugins, the developers of the WooCommerce Redirect Thank You plugin that we previously reviewed.

The EDD Sale Price extension allows you to create a discounted (or sale) price for a product, and display the discounted price along with the regular price for your products. This can be helpful when you want to run a promotion for certain products without creating a discount code. In addition, customers see both prices at the same time, which can give them a better sense of the savings and value they’re getting.

EDD Sale Price: Display discounted price

There are a number of ways to give customers a discount for your products. The out-of-the-box solution for creating discounts is to create a discount code that would typically be applied during checkout. Customers have to add products to their cart and meet the requirements of the discount code before it kicks in at checkout. This can be a good way to run promotions and sale campaigns, but customers don’t get to see the discount until the very end of the shopping process.

If you plan to discount products for everyone, showing the discounted price along with the regular price can be a great way to boost sales. The EDD Sale Price puts a strikethrough on the regular price and displays the discounted price right next to it.

discounted price sale price

Sale price next to the regular price (Source)

By displaying both prices next to each other, customers can immediately see how much they are saving. You reduce the math-work customers have to do as the final price they will pay is clearly shown. This transparency and ease can not only create a better customer experience, it can also build trust in your brand.

According to a study about the effects of discounts on consumer search behaviour, customers are less likely to look for price comparisons from competitors if you offer a discount. The discounted price also dissuades customers from searching on external sites (like retailmenot.com or redflagdeals.com) for coupon or discount codes. This helps customers get from product pages to checkout faster, with less chance of customers abandoning their cart.

Items on sale create 88% of impulse purchases.

The discounted price also creates a sense of urgency where customers don’t want to lose out on the savings they can receive. This can influence impulse purchases and generally higher sales.

EDD Sale Price: Set up sale prices

The EDD Sale Price extension for Easy Digital Downloads is very easy to install and use. The extension assumes you use Easy Digital Downloads for selling products or services. Since it is a free extension, it is available on the WordPress.org plugins directory, and can be installed through the Plugins –> Add New page in the WordPress dashboard.

As an example, we will apply sale prices to two products – one with a single price, and the other with variable prices.

no sale price

Two products with no sale prices

Once the EDD Sale Price plugin is activated, it automatically adds the sale price fields in the Download Prices section of each Download.

sale price for single price

Sale price field for single-priced download

sale price for variable prices

Sale price fields for variable prices

For variable prices, you can set the sale price for all or some of the variables. This gives you more flexibility and the ability to quickly change the discount as needed. Once you have entered values for the sale prices and updated the Downloads, the two prices will be shown at most places on your store.

front end sale price

Sale price shown along with regular price

Note that as of publishing date, by default, the regular price is not shown on the purchase button, and only the sale price is displayed. There is a support thread with some solutions that you can follow if you are facing this issue.

When customers click on the checkout button, the two prices are shown wherever applicable. In this case, even if the regular price was not shown on the button, it will be displayed with a strikethrough on the checkout page.

checkout sale price

Sale prices on the checkout page

With the plugin, customers don’t have to enter any discount codes at checkout. Their cart total will already reflect the sale price that you have set.

EDD Sale Price: Summary

The EDD Sale Price extension for Easy Digital Downloads is a FREE and easy-to-install plugin that lets you set a discounted price for your products. The extension also displays the discounted price next to the regular price of the product at most locations on your store. This can help increase sales by creating a sense of urgency, and showing the value created by the discount right away.

The extension adds fields in the Downloads pages where you can quickly edit the sale prices, or remove the sale price when your promotion expires. You can also set sale prices for different variables, or choose to only put a discount on certain variables. The sale price is automatically applied to the cart and checkout pages.

Do you run discounts and promotions for your Easy Digital Downloads products? What do you use to display or run these discounts? Please tell us in the comments below.

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