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If you have an Easy Digital Downloads store, there may be instances where you want additional information from your customers during the standard checkout. In such cases, you can use the free Easy Digital Downloads – Checkout Notes extension to include a text area on your store’s checkout page.

Checkout notes for EDD: Why add a text area?

The standard Easy Digital Downloads checkout requires only a few fields to be filled for order completion. There might be times when you need additional information from customers that you end up following up for with an email.

You can reduce effort on your end, and create a smoother customer experience by adding a text area on the checkout page. When customers fill out the information you require, this gets appended to the order details, reducing the need to follow up.

You can prompt customers to fill details like:

  • shipping address: if they’d like to receive a complimentary physical product or freebie that goes along with their purchase.
  • product or website feedback: to quickly tell you what they liked or didn’t like about their experience.
  • product information: if you sell specialized products and need additional information for delivery.
  • shipping instructions: if there is a physical component to the purchase, you can ask customers to fill out information like apartment buzzer numbers, where to park, etc.

Checkout notes for EDD: Plugin setup and use

To get started, install the Easy Digital Downloads – Checkout Notes plugin. Once installed, go to Downloads > Settings > Extensions.

checkout notes settings

Checkout notes settings

You can customize what the customers will see on checkout. Each text area that the plugin creates is editable. In this way, you can add specific prompts for customers that are relevant to your store.

checkout notes display

Display on the Checkout page

Once the customer fills out the information in the note, it gets added to the order details. To see the notes, go to Downloads > Payment History and click on View Order Details for the order you want to see the notes about.

checkout notes order details

View the notes in order details

The checkout notes will get added to the Customer Details section within order details. The notes will be present under the field label you set up for the plugin.

Checkout notes for EDD: Summary

The Easy Digital Downloads – Checkout Notes is a small plugin that is quick to set up and use. The plugin allows you to add a text field to your checkout page. You can use this text area in a variety of ways – get additional information about the order, specific details about customers, feedback about your store, and more.

Do you require customers to provide additional information than the standard Easy Digital Downloads checkout? Please tell us in the comments.

Posted by Jai Sangha

Jai is a regular contributor to Sell with WP, and helps merchants improve their WordPress eCommerce businesses with plugin reviews, marketing or customer service tips, and tutorials.