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  6. Launching an eCommerce site

We’ve had a theme for our articles over the past couple weeks. If you haven’t been keeping up with them, we’ve basically been covering a sort of checklist for launching an eCommerce site (or re-evaluating the setup of your own site). Even if your site is already active, there’s some good pointers that you may want to check out in case you’d like to revisit the decisions you made when launching your site in order to make sure you’re in the best possible position moving forward.

To give you a compiled list, here are the articles we’d recommend taking a look at if you missed them:

Why post this now? If you’re prepping for the upcoming holiday season, you’ll probably see a lot of tips on how to improve sales over the holiday season. However, we take a far more basic approach (though we will still post some tips 😉 ) — if your site’s going to crash as soon as some decent traffic hits it, or customers won’t be able to find you, it doesn’t matter how awesome your new product pages look or how you’ve retooled some of your buttons. Want to improve conversions for not only the holiday season, but year round? Take a look at your website’s foundations and make sure they’re strong so that you can continue to build on top of them.

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Want some more information on site setup (or just a different perspective)? Here are some good articles to check out:

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