WooCommerce Product Dependencies: Plugin

The WooCommerce Product Dependencies is a free plugin for WooCommerce stores that allows you to restrict purchase access to products based on purchase of other products. In this way, you can create a dependencies for a product to purchased. The author of the plugin is Manos Psychogyiopoulos, whom I interviewed in this post.

Once you install and activate the plugin, it adds a “Dependencies” tab to the Product Data section of each product.

product dependencies settings

Select dependency product(s) and type

Here, you can select other products that the purchase should be dependent on, and the type of dependency.

WooCommerce Product Dependencies: Different prerequisites

There are three types of dependencies you can set for a product, and based on each, a notice is displayed for customers if the criteria is not met when customers add the product to cart.

1. Ownership

Where the prerequisite product must be previously ordered. This is verified by a customer logging into your store.

product dependencies ownership

Ownership prerequisite

2. Purchase

Where the prerequisite product must be purchased along with the current product.

product dependencies purchase

Purchase dependency

3. Either

Where the prerequisite product must either be owned or purchased in combination with the current product.

product dependencies either

Either dependency

Multiple dependencies

If you set more than one product as dependencies, the plugin uses an “or” logic where only one of those products needs to be owned or purchased.

product dependencies multiple

Multiple products in dependencies

In this way, you can provide customers with more options for prerequisite products that they need to own or purchase.

WooCommerce Product Dependencies: Summary

The WooCommerce Product Dependencies is a simple plugin that allows you to set restrictions on WooCommerce products based on the purchase of other products in the store. This can help ensure that your customers purchase the correct product, or purchase the correct combination so that they have a good customer experience.

The free plugin adds a notice when a customer attempts to add a product to cart if the prerequisites aren’t met. The prerequisites are set on an “or” basis so that only one of the prerequisite products needs to be owned or purchased.

How do you think this plugin would work for you? Tell us in the comments below.

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Posted by Jai Sangha

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