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Pop-ups have become increasingly popular with many major brands to grow their conversion rate. A pop-up message is effective because it grabs the user’s attention and typically has a very strong call to action with a quick value proposition. We use one on this blog to prompt readers to subscribe to our mailing list.

In the context of eCommerce stores, a pop-up can be used to not only grow newsletter subscribers, but to increase conversions and revenues. You can do this by recommending products and sweetening the deal with a discount on the order. These can be upsells, cross-sells, shipping discounts, and bundle discounts.

In 2006, Amazon had reported that 35% of their revenue was a result of recommendations like upsells and cross-sells. Couple the power of product recommendations with pop-ups, and you can increase your store’s revenue and average order value.

Pop-up sales offers: Just-In-Time Sales Offers plugin

You can use the free Just-In-Time Sales Offers plugin to add pop-up sales offers for your WooCommerce store. Based on the content of a customer’s cart, the plugin can display customized sales offers via a pop-up on certain pages.

You can install the plugin from within your dashboard as it is part of the WordPress.org directory. Once installed, the plugin appears under the WooCommerce section of the sidebar where you can create different sales offers.

pop-up sales offers text editor

Create the pop-up message through the WordPress editor

You can have multiple sales offers running at the same time for different products. In our example, we create a name for the offer. The plugin comes with a standard template with an image for the pop-up copy and graphics. You can use the editor to design what the offer looks like.

Pop-up sales offers: Set up offers

Pages to display the pop-up sales offers

The next step is to define the pages on which the offer appears. By default, the pop-up appears on the cart page as this is likely the page all customers will visit before they complete their purchase.

pop-up sales offers display pages

Select pages to display the pop-up

If no page is selected, the pop-up will not appear on your store. When choosing the page, look at the user flow of your website and make sure the pop-up appears on a page where customers will generally go through before completing their purchase. Otherwise, you could lose out on people using the offer as they weren’t able to see it anywhere on your store.

Set offer conditions

This is the “if” part of the sales offer. These are the conditions in the cart that need to be fulfilled for the pop-up to appear. The offer conditions are organized as “condition groups” and “conditions”. You can have multiple condition groups that are independent of each other for the same pop-up. Each condition group can contain multiple conditions that are related through AND/OR logic.

The free version of the plugin allows you to set conditions based on the quantity of products in the cart. You can select the product(s) that should be in the cart and define the quantity – exact, more than, less than, anything other than – for the condition to be applied.

pop-up sales offers cart conditions

Set the cart conditions that need to be met for the offer

In our example, if a customer has more than 1 Woo Ninja and more than 2 Flying Ninja products in their cart, the condition will be fulfilled for the pop-up to appear.

Action when offer is accepted

This is the “then” part of the offer. This defines what the sales offer will be once the condition is fulfilled, people are displayed the pop-up, and they accept the offer. For the free version of the plugin, you can choose to add products to the cart and/or apply a coupon to the cart. Note that you will have to create a coupon separately in WooCommerce for the plugin to be able to apply it.

pop-up sales offers accept actions

Set actions for offers that are accepted

In our example, we give people a free Ninja Silhouette product by adding it to their cart and applying a dollar discount amount as the same value of the product through a coupon. You can choose the actions based on your existing products and the different coupons you have created.

You are able to create offers like:

  • buy one, get second at a discount or free
  • purchase bulk quantity to receive a percent discount
  • discount based on bundles of different products

For our example, once the conditions are fulfilled, the pop-up will appear on the cart page.

pop-up sales offers final display

Example of final pop-up display

Pop-up sales offers: Summary

Upselling and cross-selling can increase revenues by increasing your store’s average order value. Many major eCommerce stores use these methods to drive higher revenues. For your WooCommerce store, one way you can upsell and cross-sell is by offering discounts on certain products.

With the free Just-In-Time Sales Offers plugin, you can display sales offers through pop-ups on specific pages. You can choose to display the offers to everyone, or set cart conditions that can trigger the offer. You can choose from a number of configurations of the cart to provide upsells, cross-sells, and bundle offers.

Note that the premium version of the plugin provides you with more functionality and options for setting up conditions, actions on offer acceptance, and even add actions when pop-up sales offers are declined.

Use the plugin to automatically target the right customers based on their cart selection and offer them specific sales offers.

Posted by Jai Sangha

Jai is a regular contributor to Sell with WP, and helps merchants improve their WordPress eCommerce businesses with plugin reviews, marketing or customer service tips, and tutorials.