Whenever you set up a new eCommerce site, you usually focus on the important pages that need to be created: shop, product, about us, and contact pages. However, there are are other pieces of information that should be addressed when you’re ready to launch your eCommerce site that typically get overlooked.

I recently launched a site that needed a Terms of Service page, as customers would be subscribing to this service and a TOS was needed to indicate what responsibilities the provider had. This page is super important to ensure that the site protects itself against expectations of what the service should do compared to what’s actually included.

For example, many WordPress plugin companies include in their terms of service that products are offered “as-is” with no guarantees that they’ll be bug free or work in every environment. This protects the company, as it’s impossible to guarantee that software will always work for every site in the same way, as there are several factors outside of the developers’ control (hosting server environments, supported PHP versions, incompatible plugins or themes, etc.).

Most businesses (not just software businesses) should have a TOS policy to which customers agree by using the site or service to ensure that the business is protected when customers expect something different than what’s offered. However, setting up this page can be a bit of a pain – when I did so, I had to find good templates (which required a lot of time and reading) and edit them as needed.

Sites will also usually want to have Privacy policies and perhaps policies for advertising and refunds, or other disclaimers. Since creating these pages is time-consuming, you may want to use ready-made templates.

There’s a plugin that can do this for you from WPEka club: WP Legal pages. It includes templates and can publish legal pages with one click.

WP Legal Pages

WP Legal Pages includes 17 different templates for Terms of Service, Privacy Policies, Affiliate policies, and more. You can review and edit these templates from your WordPress admin, then publish these pages with one click. There are even considerations given to certain laws, such as the EU Cookie Law.

WP Legal pages

Creating these pages is also necessary to use certain services, such as Google Advertisements or ClickBank. The plugin creates these pages for you, and is offered as part of a WPEka Club membership.

WPEka Club

WPEka club is a theme and plugin club from Hummingbird Web Solutions. They’d previously sold plugins and themes under several banners, but decided to consolidate them under one brand and offer all products to members. They were recently featured on WP Mayor if you’d like to check out some more details there.

WPEka Club membership gives you access to (currently) 24 themes and 18 plugins. Members get access to all themes and plugins, as well as any new ones that are released and updates. About 3 to 4 new products are released each month, and the licenses for these plugins and themes are unlimited (developer licenses), so you can use them on all of your sites when you become a member.

Aside from WP Legal Pages, popular plugins include:

  • WP Auction Software, which allows your users to sell items via eBay-like auctions (and you get a listing fee)
  • SurveyFunnel, which allows you to create “slide out” surveys and quizzes to gain insight from visitors (and works for mobile and desktop visitors)
  • WP AdCenter, which allows you to create and manage advertisement areas on your site for affiliate banners and Google AdSense (including statistics and scheduling campaigns)

Membership also includes access to 20 WordPress training videos so that new WordPress users can learn the ropes for their WP site.

The thing I found most interesting about WPEka Club is that they offer support for any WordPress issue to their members, not just support for WPEka products. Since membership pricing starts at $27 (monthly), this is a compelling option for sites that are just starting out – they’ll need new themes and plugins, and may need some help getting up and running. Rather than use a maintenance service, they can get help from the same place where they get themes or plugins.

WPEka club also offers quotes for any customization project in case members would like to have their site customized – any size project is accepted.

Sign Up

Want to check it out yourself? You can join WPEka Club to get access to over 40 WordPress products for 30% off regular pricing with the coupon below. This means you can join monthly for $27 $18.90, quarterly for $47 $32.90, or annually for $97 $67.90. Just use the coupon code SELLWITHWP:

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