What People Say about Sell with WP

What’s all this buzz about? We simply provide the highest quality content possible, and our goal is to create the most comprehensive resource out there for eCommerce in WordPress. Here are some of the things people have said about us so far:

I actually have an example, called Sell with WP. They’re doing a series comparing e-commerce plugins. Most times I’ve ever seen that, it’s terrible—but this one is much more in-depth, and it gives one to two thousand words at least reviewing the plugin: things it has, things it doesn’t have, what it’s useful for. And these are from people who actually make e-commerce websites—so it’s people who I trust more, and they’re writing more in-depth guides as to when and why you would use certain tools. I think that’s useful. I wish there was more of that.

Brian Krogsgard on WP Shout