Pricing tables are a quick way to give your customers an overview of your product features, and provide a comparison between different products. This may not be apparent by looking at your product catalog. By adding a pricing table to your store, you reduce effort that customers have to put in to understand features of different products by clicking on each.

These tables are especially helpful if you sell only a few products, or have products with only a few variations that you may want to compare.

In this post, we give an overview of the Easy Pricing Tables plugin, and go through setting them up for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads stores, as improved support for eCommerce plugins was recently added.

Pricing tables: Easy Pricing Tables plugin

The plugin allows you to create multiple pricing tables, and easily add them to different parts of your WordPress site using shortcodes. There is a free version of the plugin available with limited features, or you can start using the pro version starting at $29 per year that has tiered features. All pro plans of the plugin include 10 default template designs that you can further customize.

templates pricing tables

Select from 10 templates in the premium version

You can add content to the tables based on your needs and store setup. The plugin also gives you the ability to add tooltips and icons within the tables. We previously wrote about the plugin, including how to get a pricing table set up in 6 minutes.

If you purchase the Business plan ($49 per year) or higher of the latest version, you get access to integrations with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

ecommerce pricing tables

Easily add products with the new eCommerce integrations

This makes adding products and updating information even easier as the plugin automatically fills in the product name, price, and checkout URL based on the selection. This streamlines the table-creation process as you have to put less effort when creating the table, and have to keep track of fewer things when updating the table with other products.

Pricing tables: WooCommerce stores

Purchase the Business plan or higher of the Easy Pricing Tables plugin to get access to the WooCommerce integration. Once you install the plugin, go to Pricing Tables in your WordPress dashboard and add a new table.

You can choose from 10 default templates for the table. Once you’ve picked a design, go to the Content tab to fill in your tables. You can add your WooCommerce products by clicking on the WooCommerce button for each column.

select product pricing tables

Easily select a product for your pricing table

This will show you a list of all your products, including variants. When you select a product, the plugin automatically adds the product name, product price, and checkout URL to the column.

woocommerce setup pricing tables

Product details are automatically filled

Fill out the Features for each product, specify the call to action button text, and optionally add the billing cycle to the tables. When you’re happy with the table, click on Save & Preview to ensure it looks they way you want. If you’re happy, you can Deploy it to get the table shortcode. Add this shortcode on any page on your website. As an example, you can create a “Compare” page on your store for the table.

display woocommerce pricing tables

Display pricing table on your store using the shortcode

You can add more products into the table by clicking on New Column. In addition, you can set one of the columns to be highlighted in the table by clicking on the Feature button at the top of the column to “star” it. This can help you emphasize the product you want to anchor your price around, or your highest value product.

Pricing tables: Easy Digital Downloads stores

Similar to the WooCommerce integration, the Business plan also makes it easy to add Easy Digital Downloads products. For the Easy Digital Downloads example, we have selected a “Comparison” template. This allows you to set features for all products in your table, where you can add a “yes” or “no” for each line to specify whether the product has the feature or not.

You can click on the Easy Digital Downloads button at the top of each column in the table to select products on your store. This will add the product name, price, and checkout URL to the columns.

edd setup pricing tables

Fill out Easy Digital Downloads product information

You can specify the different features you want to compare, and either add a Yes or No to the columns, or use the stylized Yes and No using [y] and [n]. Once you’ve filled out the required information, you can deploy the table to any page on your store using by pasting in the shortcode.

display edd pricing tables

Display pricing table on your Easy Digital Downloads store

You can add more columns, emphasize a column, and adjust the style and colors of your pricing table, as needed. Read our previous post to get details some pricing table tips.

Pricing tables: Summary

Easy Pricing Tables is a simple way to create pricing tables for your store. Pricing tables help breakdown the features of different products, and can help customers get an overview of your product shelf. You can start using the plugin for free with limited features.

If you purchase the Business plan ($49 per year) or higher, you get access to all features within the plugin, including easy eCommerce integration. The eCommerce integration allows you to add your WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads products with a single click. When you select a product, the product name, product price, and the checkout URL for the call to action button automatically get updated. This helps reduce manual input and potential inconsistencies when you’re making updates.

Start using the plugin to create a pricing table for any WordPress site, and use the Business plan version to enable easy integration with your WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads store. For WordPress sites using eCommerce plugins other than WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads, read our previous post to learn how to add product information into the tables.

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