Best WordPress Resources List

We obviously recommend that you sign up for our newsletter to stay on top of the eCommerce news in WordPress 🙂 . However, here are some other great resources for WordPress news and tips. Here’s our list of the best WordPress resources:

  • Just starting with WordPress? Go to WP101 for a membership to learn the bulk of what you need to know about using WordPress.
  • Ready to learn a bit more about WordPress? Now head over to WPSessions, which provides access to great presentations on WordPress – especially the ones for eCommerce store owners and memberships sites. WPSessions is also great for learning WordPress development.
  • Post Status and WP Tavern are our go-to resources for general WordPress news and happenings.
  • WP Kube, WP Mayor, and WP Lift also publish how-to and review articles.
  • Chris Lema always has great business advice and plugin suggestions, especially for memberships.
  • WP Beginner is a great place to find general WordPress resources.

Have another favorite? Let us know – we’re always looking for more to add to our list of the best WordPress resources!