Developers & Site Customizations

This article on Getting Help with Your Site lays out our recommendations for freelancers / agencies based on theme or eCommerce plugin types – most recommendations are at the end. 

As a brief overview, agencies tend to be more expensive, but offer more “hand-holding” – someone will always answer your email, you don’t have to worry about your developer getting sick or being on vacation, and they can typically handle any projects. Freelancers are typically less expensive and you can typically develop a long-term relationship with a good freelancer.

If you’re looking for a very large agency, please get in touch and we can point you in the right direction. Note that I may not have worked directly with everyone on the list that follows. However, if I’m including them, it’s because they’ve been recommended to me with positive feedback by several other parties.

Looking for small jobs? Try accepting bids on Codeable, which is a great place to find developers for small customizations.

Theme Developers

Theme developers
  • Bill Erickson: Custom designed & developed themes.  Visit
  • Carrie Dils: Custom Genesis child themes. Visit
  • Bourn Creative: Custom Genesis child themes. Visit
eCommerce plugins
  • SkyVerge: Not because I work there, but because we take pride in being perfectionists. We don’t have the capacity to take on many client projects, but can usually get you in touch with the best fit for the job.
  • Justin Sainton: One of my top recommendations for WooCommerce development when we can’t take on a project ourselves at SkyVerge.
  • rtCamp: An agency who specializes in long-term partnerships with enterprise sites.
  • Wisdm Labs: An agency great for projects both large and small.
  • Lee Willis: eCommerce developer extraordinaire who has been official WooCommerce plugins.