WordPress eCommerce Themes

Here are some recommendations specific to each WordPress eCommerce Plugin, and we have a post category for WordPress eCommerce themes.

When you look at a theme demo, pay attention to how shop and product pages are styled. Do they blend in with the rest of the theme, or do they just use default styles? Add some products to the cart, change the cart, go to checkout – do all notices get styled? Is everything aligned? You’d be amazed at how many themes overlook these details when you start to notice them.


Theming WooCommerce can be a pain, and many themes say they fully support WooCommerce when they don’t actually touch template styling. This causes the “shop” pages to look out of place with your theme (since they use default styling) and is something to pay attention to.

I’ve also got a series of articles on WooCommerce themes. This series includes both free and paid themes that I’ve actually tested and code reviewed. A great starting point is the free Storefront theme from WooCommerce.

Otherwise, my personal go-to theme is Astra. It’s the most performant WooCommerce theme I’ve seen, and it offers just the right amount of customization options, while the Pro upgrade has a lot of useful integrations and design features.

Astra WooCommerce theme
Easy Digital Downloads

EDD is far easier to theme than WooCommerce, but there are a few really awesome themes out there that make the most of the plugin.

WP eCommerce

Some of my favorites for this are: