WordPress eCommerce Themes

Here are some recommendations specific to each WordPress eCommerce Plugin, and we have a post category for WordPress eCommerce themes.

When you look at a theme demo, pay attention to how shop and product pages are styled. Do they blend in with the rest of the theme, or do they just use default styles? Add some products to the cart, change the cart, go to checkout – do all notices get styled? Is everything aligned? You’d be amazed at how many themes overlook these details when you start to notice them.


Theming WooCommerce can be a pain, and many themes say they fully support WooCommerce when they don’t actually touch template styling. This causes the “shop” pages to look out of place with your theme (since they use default styling) and is something to pay attention to.

WooCommerce parent company WooThemes always has themes that are fully WooCommerce-compatible, and I’ve also got a series of articles on WooCommerce themes. This series includes both free and paid themes that I’ve actually tested and code reviewed.

Here are some others:

  • Free – If you want a theme that provides a great base for customization, or you want to use some extensions to customize it yourself, look no further than Storefront from WooThemes.
  • $79-$99 – We already mentioned WooThemes, who has several good themes. In particular, Canvas is a great theme to work from for customizations and child themes, but there are several other good options.
  • $79Obox also makes good WooCommerce themes – Jumbo is one that really showcases your images. Choose a newer theme, as I’m not a fan of the structure some of the older themes.
  • $55 – I like themes from Codestag, and one of their newer themes, Crux, fully supports WooCommerce and won an award for best new WooCommerce theme.
  • $63Listify is from Astoundify, an excellent theme developer. It’s a niche theme that focuses on showing off directory listings, which can be paid for using WooCommerce.
  • $58 – There are a few other quality flat, multipurpose themes on Themeforest, such as Total. However, good themes can be tough to find here.
  • $55 – Here’s another award winner: Time won an award for best updated WooCommerce theme.
  • $70Pop Up Shop from RichWP is a great, minimalist WooCommerce theme – we wrote about it here.
  • $69 – The Divi Theme from Elegant Themes is a newer, very popular theme with full WooCommerce support. The page builder takes a bit of time to learn, but I liked using it with the built-in templates.

$55 – The super-popular Avada theme is WooCommerce compatible as well, and we’re asked frequently if we recommend it. However, I know that it overrides a lot of WooCommerce templates and was not updated for WooCommerce 2.1 until far after release, so you may want to be careful while upgrading WooCommerce with this theme as updates may lag. I usually avoid this one.

Easy Digital Downloads

EDD is far easier to theme than WooCommerce, but there are a few really awesome themes out there that make the most of the plugin.

WP eCommerce

Some of my favorites for this are:


There’s a Shopp theme marketplace available, and the Genesis+Shopp Fusion plugin helps to create great displays for your Shopp store with a Genesis theme.

Depot from iThemes also supports WPeC and Shopp.


iThemes has several eCommerce themes that support Exchange – Carter is one of my favorites.