WordPress Membership Plugins

There are a lot of great options for WordPress Membership Plugins, just as there are with eCommerce plugins, and your needs will dictate which are right for you. We’ve got a series dedicated to this that begins with this article, and we also have a post category solely devoted to memberships.

If memberships are secondary to an actual eCommerce store, or they’re using physical, shippable goods, I would look at WooCommerce, Exchange, and Cart66 Cloud.

WooCommerce is better for stores that are focusing more on physical products than memberships, while Cart66 Cloud and Exchange do a good job with both the physical side of the store and the membership side. Exchange is easier to use and is fully integrated into your site, while Cart66 Cloud has more payment integrations and is a partially-hosted service.

If memberships are the main component of the site, then I’d look into a plugin dedicated to selling and managing memberships. My favorites are Paid Memberships Pro, MemberMouse, MemberPress, and Restrict Content Pro, and we’ve written about each of these in the series referenced above. We also have detailed reviews of MemberMouse and Paid Memberships Pro.

While each of these are very flexible, I have a few situations in which I think each shines.

  • PMPro is great (and free!) for those of you that want a lightweight solution that can be customized, and is great if you have a developer to work with so you can tailor it to your site (support is not included).
  • Restrict Content Pro is also lightweight with add-ons, but support is included. It’s also recently added some better restriction rules, but doesn’t support content dripping.
  • MemberMouse brings a full arsenal to the table and is a great option for large membership sites (as in a thousand++ members) – obviously it will scale well. Learning about all of the powerful options can take time.
  • MemberPress is another option for larger sites, and has very flexible billing and restriction capabilities.