Restrict Content Pro version 2.1 was released last week, and today we’re covering the major changes to the plugin.

We wrote a detailed Restrict Content Pro review a few months ago, so much of the details included there in terms of setup and configuration still apply, but I’ll walk through what’s changed since version 2.0.

Restrict Content Pro is still priced at $42, making it one of the best values of any membership or content restriction plugin you can purchase. The core plugin also includes two integrations that were previously sold at $20 each: Stripe and PayPal Pro / Express, making even more of a steal.

The only pricing change is the elimination of the “Unlimited + Extensions” bundle, as two major extensions are now included, and another (Braintree) is free.

Restrict Content Pro 2.1: Improved Installation and Setup

RCP 2.1 includes some excellent user-facing changes, as well as some very useful changes for developers. Some of the changes that I think users will love are the re-organized settings and improved installation. When Restrict Content Pro is installed, it now automatically installs the required pages to cut down and simplify setup.

Settings are also more logical and have been regrouped to better support the include of several payment methods in the core plugin. Previously, general settings housed the PayPal setup, as PayPal Standard was the only included payment method.

Now all payment methods have been moved, and the “General” settings include setup options and restricted content messages (previously under “Messages”).

Restrict Content Pro 2.1 Review: 2.0 settings

RCP 2.0 General Settings

Restrict Content Pro 2.1 Review: new settings

RCP 2.1 General Settings

Email and PDF invoice setup is the same, but the “Signup Forms” tab has been removed and some of these settings have moved to the “Misc” tab (such as Captcha settings).

Restrict Content Pro 2.1 Review: old misc settings

RCP 2.0 Misc Settings

Restrict Content Pro 2.1 Review: new misc settings

RCP 2.1 Misc Settings

The only thing you should be aware of with setup and installation is that Restrict Content Pro now requires PHP 5.3+, and will warn you when you try to activate the plugin if your hosting company uses an older PHP version.

Restrict Content Pro 2.1: Payment Processing

The biggest change to plugin setup is related to improved payment processing. The new “Payments” tab now features 5 payment integrations within the core plugin:

  • Manual (new, can be used for testing or offline payments like checks)
  • PayPal Standard (was previously included)
  • Stripe (new, was previously $20)
  • PayPal Pro (new, was previously $20 with Express)
  • PayPal Express (new, was previously $20 with Pro)

The Braintree integration is also now free (previously $20) even though it’s not included in the core plugin. You can download and install it if you’d like to use Braintree instead of (or in addition to) the core methods.

Restrict Content Pro 2.1 Review: new payments

RCP 2.1 Payments Setup

This tab lets you enable any core or installed payment integration, and enter your credentials to configure the integration.

Payments have also been improved within the plugin code and structure. The payment gateway API has been updated and provides far better flexibility and performance. The core payment integrations already take advantage of these changes, such as the ability for members to cancel memberships.

The improved payments API also makes it easier to develop and add new payment integrations to Restrict Content Pro, as it provides a base class that developers can extend and work from to create new payment integrations.

Restrict Content Pro 2.1: Managing Memberships

As part of the improved payment integrations, member management is also improved. Both site administrators and members can now cancel memberships. For recurring payments, members will see a “cancel” link when viewing subscription details. Admins will see a cancel link for subscriptions when viewing memberships.

Restrict Content Pro 2.1 Review: member cancellation

RCP 2.1 Member Cancel Action

A new Member class also improves extensibility for developers. Accessing and updating member information is now much easier, which helps custom integrations or integrations with other plugins.

Restrict Content Pro 2.1: Registration

Registration forms have been completely redone and are vastly improved in RCP 2.1. They now submit forms via ajax, cutting out the need for a page refresh to validate fields and improving feedback for users as they register to reduce abandonment. Validating the fields has also been improved, as the javascript that handles validation has been rewritten.

The registration form now prompts users to log in before providing registration fields, making it easier for existing members to log in or update their accounts.

Restrict Content Pro 2.1 Review: old registration

RCP 2.0 Registration Form

Restrict Content Pro 2.1 Review: new registration

RCP 2.1 Registration Form

Restrict Content Pro 2.1: In Review

Restrict Content Pro 2.1 includes several user-facing and developer-friendly changes, the most significant of which revolve around payments and the included integrations. The improvements to payments and the payment gateway API also make it easier for developers to build new payment integrations.

Developers will also like some of the other improvements, such as the updated RCP_Member class, which helps developers access and update member information programmatically to improve integrations with Restrict Content Pro.

While content restriction setup and capabilities have stayed the same, installing and setting up Restrict Content Pro is much improved in version 2.1, and the choices in payment processing will definitely make new RCP users happy. At $42 for a single-site license, Restrict Content Pro provides a ton of value since you can easily hide content from non-members and accept payments with several popular processors.

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