Restrict Content Pro version 2.6 was released this week, along with a Content Dripping Add-on for professional license holders, making this a really great update for Restrict Content Pro users. The admin UI is improved, along with better invoices and saved card management for customers.

The beta announcement and update announcement blog posts have some details on the changes, and we have a side-by-side comparison of the updates below.

Restrict Content Pro 2.6: Improved Content Restriction UI

The biggest (and most welcome) change to Restrict Content Pro with this release is the improved restriction metabox. In previous versions, all possible restriction options were displayed to users while editing pages, posts, or other content.

Restrict Content Pro 2.6 Review: RCP 2.5 content restriction

RCP 2.5 content restriction

This could be a bit overwhelming when setting up restriction rules, and all of the options only applied if you actually wanted to restrict the content.

Version 2.6 rethinks this restriction box to first determine if the content even should be restricted.

Restrict Content Pro 2.6 Review: RCP 2.6 restriction metabox 1

RCP 2.6 Restriction box

If not, you won’t be shown all of the possible restriction options, it just confirms that the content is accessible to everyone. If the content should be restricted, you can determine whether you’d like to restrict it by subscription level, access level, or user role.

When restricting by subscription level, you can limit access to any subscriber, only paid subscribers, or specific subscription levels.

Restrict Content Pro 2.6 Review: RCP 2.6 subscription-level restriction

You can change this to restrict by access level instead as needed.

Restrict Content Pro 2.6 Review: RCP 2.6 access level restriction

Or, you could restrict your content based on the user’s role within your site instead of using subscription or access level.

Restrict Content Pro 2.6 Review: RCP 2.6 role restriction

These changes make the restriction meta box much easier to understand and use while creating restriction rules for content.

Restrict Content Pro 2.6: Improved Payment Invoices

The payment invoices available to customers have been improved with version 2.6 as well. Previous version of Restrict Content Pro used a PDF generation library to create invoices, and used a two-column layout to display company and invoice details.

Restrict Content Pro 2.6 Review: RCP 2.5 Invoice PDF

RCP 2.5 Invoice

Version 2.6 replaces this with a generated HTML invoice that customers can then print regularly, or print to PDF. The new invoices feature a single-column invoice that puts the company logo into greater focus and also includes the payment status / date.

Restrict Content Pro 2.6 Review: RCP 2.6 Invoice

RCP 2.6 Invoice

Members can still access invoices within the subscription details page in the same way.

Restrict Content Pro 2.6: Update Saved Cards

The [rcp_update_card] shortcode gets an update with this release for wider support. This shortcode adds a form that allows customers to update saved credit card details for their subscriptions (it’s best used on the subscription details page).

Previously, this shortcode only allowed customers to update credit cards saved with Stripe, but support has been added for saved PayPal payment methods as well.

Restrict Content Pro 2.6 Review: RCP 2.6 Update card

Update PayPal cards

Restrict Content Pro 2.6: Content Drip Add-on

One of the biggest announcements related to version 2.6 wasn’t quite part of the release. The improvements to the content restriction UI allowed for a drip content add-on to be released a couple days after version 2.6. This is not included in the basic Restrict Content Pro purchase; instead, it requires professional license at $199 (which gets you access to all Pro add-ons).

However, content dripping is a huge asset for membership sites, and it’s well worth the price to access the pro add-ons. This allows you delay access to restricted content for members for a time period, ensuring that members can’t access everything in the membership immediately, then cancel. You can set a delay for different types of content based on the member’s subscription level, and this will delay the member’s access to that content.

When creating or editing a subscription level, you can add dripping rules for subscribers of this level. Content can be dripped on an individual post or page basis. For example, you can show some posts immediately, but then delay others so that members can access a new post each day into the membership.

Restrict Content Pro 2.6 Review: RCP 2.6 drip content

Dripping from Subscription level

You can also add rules for entire taxonomies at once, such as a rule that grants access to all “Video” category posts after a month.

If you don’t want to set up rules from the subscriptions level pages, you can also create new dripping rules while editing or adding content. The restriction box will let you add a dripping schedule for the content you’re editing, and you can determine when different subscription levels should be able to access the content.

Restrict Content Pro 2.6 Review: RCP 2.6 dripping from post

Dripping from post editor

Since it’s helpful to see what content members have access to, a [rcp_drip_member_content] shortcode is available. When used on a page, this will display a list of all of the content the member can access.

Restrict Content Pro 2.6 Review: RCP 2.6 member content

If content isn’t yet accessible, the member will see when they’ll have access.

Restrict Content Pro 2.6: For Developers

Developers can now take advantage of two new APIs for subscription level meta and payment meta.

The subscription level meta API lets developers add and access meta information related to each subscription level, while the payment meta API functions in a similar way for payment records.

Restrict Content Pro 2.6: Other Changes

There are some additional minor changes and fixes within Restrict Content Pro 2.6 that refine the admin and member experiences.

  • The admin tables (such as members list) and views are now responsive, ensuring you can easily manage your site from a mobile device. This also resulted in slight improvements in quick actions and general display.

  • Comments are now restricted if the content they’re attached to is restricted — no more restricted blog posts with public comments!

  • Alipay support has been added to Stripe Checkout.

    Restrict Content Pro 2.6 Review: RCP 2.6 Stripe settings

  • An add-ons page has been added to help you find new pro or free add-ons for Restrict Content Pro.

    Restrict Content Pro 2.6 Review: RCP 2.6 addons

Restrict Content Pro 2.6 Review

Restrict Content Pro 2.6 brings some very welcome changes to the content restriction UI for site administrators, along with some nice refinements for customers. The restriction box changes were a massive win for this release, making it far easier for a new user to get up and running with the plugin, as content restrictions are now more understandable.

The updated invoices are also a nice change for customers and provides a cleaner layout. More importantly, this now uses an HTML template that developers can easily customize for branded invoices.

However, the update with the biggest impact is the content drip add-on, which the 2.6 release paved the way for. This gives Restrict Content Pro a much more competitive feature set with other large membership plugins, as content dripping was always one of the main features I felt it was lacking. While the fine-tuned restriction and access rules were a great bonus, the content dripping omission disqualified it for some sites. Releasing the restriction improvements and a drip add-on pushes Restrict Content Pro back among the top membership solutions for WordPress.

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