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This question comes from Rob:

I have read your MemberMouse review and I couldn’t agree more! It is a great system. I was wondering if you could offer your advice?

One problem I have is that we also sell physical goods with our memberships. Do you think it is possible to have WooCommerce installed as well as MemberMouse? Do you think MemberMouse’s capabilities for shipping physical products is worth exploring as a solution? We only have 20 or so items of merchandise.

Ideally our members could log in and view purchases with one login.

Hi Rob, thanks for getting in touch! This is a pretty interesting question.

If you only have 20 products available for purchase, I’d probably just use MemberMouse’s capabilities for selling those items. While I think WooCommerce is great, if you want customers to be able to use one login to view purchases and their membership content, then it will have to be tied to MemberMouse. Both WooCommerce and MemberMouse use WordPress user roles, but one user can’t have two different roles (i.e., a “customer” role for WooCommerce and a “subscriber” role for MemberMouse).

With that in mind, it would probably be frustrating for customers to have to use two different logins for the membership side of the site and the store side, as well as two different checkout processes. They’d also have to re-save payment details, etc. Since MemberMouse makes purchasing so easy with saved payment methods and one-click purchases, I’d probably want to leverage that while selling my physical products if I were in your shoes.

Selling physical products with MemberMouse isn’t ideal, but if the membership part of the site is where you’re generating most of your revenue, it’s worth the slight inconvenience. The benefit you do get from this though is that you can offer some products only to members if you want to have “exclusive” merchandise, plus the ease in having one customer account with payment details already saved.

Hope that helps!

UPDATE: Another option that I didn’t mention at first is the ability to use a push notification system with MemberMouse (see more here) to send an email to a 3rd party fulfillment provider (i.e., a nutritional supplement manufacturer or a drop-shipper). This neatly ties shipping into the system. You can also mitigate the need for complex shipping options within the plugin itself (such as integrations for real-time rates or weight-based shipping) and simplify pricing by building shipping costs into the membership cost.

You’ll lack the ability to create advanced product configurations and options (such as variable products), but will be able to easily offer physical products alongside of your membership content.

Posted by Beka Rice

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