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For this month’s featured free plugin, we take a look at a WooCommerce plugin that makes it easy to view and export a customer list by product. The list appears on the Edit Product page from where you can export it in various formats to fit your needs around merging with other platforms, accounting, campaign management, etc.

Let’s go over the various settings available and the list view options in the Product Customer List plugin.

Customer list by product: Plugin settings

Once you install and activate the plugin, you can go under WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Product Customer List to customize the information presented in the list view.

customer list by product settings

Customize information displayed in list view

Here, you can set:

  • customers to be included based on order status
  • whether to display customers with partially refunded orders
  • display order number, date, status, quantity, and total
  • payment and shipping methods
  • customer ID and message
  • billing and shipping detail fields
  • PDF export orientation and default page size

Based on the selections, the view and default options shown on the Edit Product pages will be changed.

Customer list by product: List view and features

When you go to edit a product on your WooCommerce store, a new section will now display the customers who have purchased the product. This includes customers who have purchased any of the variable products.

customer list by product edit page

Customer list on Edit Product page

The list view displays a list of all customers, a count of the items on the list, and the ability to search within the list.

You can also export or interact with the list in a number of ways:

  • copy the table to paste in a document editor like Word or Pages
  • export the list to Excel or CSV
  • generate a PDF of the list table
  • email all customers or a selected list of customers

If you prefer to see certain columns before others without having to scroll horizontally, you can drag and drop to reorder the columns. This way you can pick and choose the information you want to access quickly.

Customer list by product: Summary

The Product Customer List for WooCommerce plugin gives you an easy way to view and export a customer list broken down per product. You can quickly see the number of customers along with different attributes like order number, first and last name, email address, etc.

This can streamline backend processes for accounting and for segmenting customers by product. You can export the information to Excel or CSV to further customize the view and create reports.

How do you export and segment customers by product? Please share in the comments below.

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Posted by Jai Sangha

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