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I’m using Shopp for my online store. Is there a way that I can allow customers to pick up their order from our shop instead of shipping orders if they live close by?

Yes! There’s a really easy way to set up local pickup with Shopp, and it should only take you a few minutes.

Typically, stores will set up their own shipping rates using either a real-time rates plugin, or one of the many shipping methods built into Shopp (I think shipping options are one of Shopp’s major strengths). For example, here’s a flat-rate shipping method I already have set up:

Shopp Flat Rate

You can add a local pickup option by adding a Free Option or Flat Order Rate shipping method to your store (depending on whether you want pickup to be a free or paid option). This is under Shopp > System > Shipping:

Shopp add Free Shipping Option

Add Free Shipping Option

When you add this option, you’ll be able to enable it only for certain zip codes. Let’s set up a free local pickup option for Boston, MA. I’ll create the shipping method and click “Add Destination Rate” until all of the needed zip codes are added.

Shopp Add Pickup Zip Codes

Add Pickup Zip Codes

Once you’ve added all of your zip codes, you’re almost done! If you’re using a Flat Order Rate method, you can save this new method and that’s it. If you’re creating this as a free method, you’ll want to change the name of the free method so that customers know it’s for pickup. You can do this by clicking “Settings” rather than “Rates” under the shipping tab, then changing the name of the free method:

Shopp Change Free Shipping Name

Change Free Shipping Name

Now customers will be able to select this option only if their shipping address is within one of the specified zip codes. They can do this if they enter a zip code on the cart page, as this will then display shipping methods at checkout:

Shopp Enter Zip: Cart Page

Enter Zip: Cart Page

Shopp Checkout Select Shipping

Then select shipping

If they don’t enter this, they can select a shipping method after they’ve entered all checkout details. Clicking “Submit Order” will bring customers to a page where they can select shipping methods available for their zip code:

Shopp Confirm Shipping if not entered on cart page

Confirm Shipping if not entered on cart page

That’s all it takes! Remember that you could set up a flat order rate method to charge for local pickup as well. You don’t have to use a free option, though this seems to be the most commonly requested implementation. If you want to charge for pickup, you can simply follow the same steps for a flat order rate method instead.

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  1. Hi! Great Tips! I was using the same technique, but I have a problem -> How to change the order status?
    If client choose to ship the product there’s no problem: when I send the shipping confirmation email the status automatically changes to “Completed” (I have configured this way on settings), but, How I can set “completed” status to the orden the day the client pickup the product from my store? or simply How can I set a status by hand?

    Thanks for reading 😉

  2. Sorry Sorry Sorry! 🙁
    I found how to set order status by hand here:
    I thought that this option has to be inside “order details view”, but no, it is on orders list.

    Sorry for asking before read the docs carefully. Bye!

    1. Haha no problem! Thanks for coming back and sharing, as I’m sure others will have the same question 🙂 .

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