Hello all!

We’ve gotten a bit of a facelift, in case you haven’t noticed 🙂 .

We’re in the middle of a site redesign and are still tweaking some things, so please pardon our dust for the time being. Our goal is to improve readability and to have more of a “magazine” layout so that readers can find relevant and interesting articles quickly. However, we’d really love some feedback from our readers. What do you think? What can we change to make your reading experience better?

We’ve also added advertisements and referral links to some parts of our site. If you’re curious about how we handle these links, check out our affiliate policy. If you’re interested in advertising, check out our advertising page or contact us.

We welcome constructive feedback and thanks so much for stopping by!
Beka Rice

Posted by Beka Rice

Beka Rice manages the direction of Sell with WP content and writes or edits most of our articles to share her interests in eCommerce. Or she just writes as an excuse to spend more time jamming out to anything from The Clash to Lady Gaga. Who knows.