I’ve written a bit about hosting before, and have recommended WP Engine to a lot of people. However, just as I’ve told you about eCommerce platforms, what you select will depend on what you need. While scalability is extremely important, using WP Engine can be like bringing a tank to a knife-fight for some sites, and is more ‘locked-down’ in terms of server configuration than other hosting providers since it’s an entirely managed service. I’ve looked for other hosting companies to recommend, and SiteGround has emerged as another crowd favorite.

A lot of people I follow and respect have recommended SiteGround hosting, so I decided to give it a try. For example, WP Site Care has recommended SiteGround and uses them as their hosting partner (in short, because of fast, quality support and flexibility). Brian Krogsgard of Post Status has also been consistently pleased with his experience using them:

SiteGround also has several customer testimonials available. After reading enough positive tidbits about SiteGround, I decided to give them a test drive myself and write this SiteGround Hosting Review.

SiteGround Review link

I had a positive experience using SiteGround’s services, and will be promoting their services along with WP Engine.

I’ve read extensively on hosting speed comparisons and didn’t feel it would be beneficial to rehash them myself, so I’ve omitted a “Performance” section from this review. Here are speed comparisons I’d recommend checking out, or you could test your own hosting with Load Impact or Blitz.io and compare it to these results:

My review will focus on the user experience in setting up an account, support, and ease of use, as the posts above do a good job of establishing that SiteGround’s performance is top-notch and makes it worth recommending.

For reference, I’m using the GoGeek plan with many of the WordPress-specific features that SiteGround offers.

SiteGround Review WordPress Hosting

Pricing and Features link

Pricing for SiteGround hosting plans begins at $3.95 per month for your first billing term, which is super cheap. After your first billing term, the lowest pricing goes up to $9.95 per month (which is still reasonably priced). For comparison, an SSL-compatible plan with most providers requires a $50+ per month plan, while at SiteGround you’ll be paying $14.95+ per month ($29.95 after your first term). While price is the last criteria for comparison for me when investing in a business, this is a nice perk for using SiteGround since performance in terms of speed isn’t sacrificed.

So why is SiteGround less expensive? Even though the hosting is managed (WordPress core is updated for you, daily backups are created, etc), you’ll be on a shared server. I’ve written about Shared vs VPS vs Dedicated hosting if you want to learn more, but one of the risks of shared hosting is that other sites sharing the server with you could affect your performance (which isn’t the case with a more expensive VPS or dedicated service).

This is another reason that hosting will depend on your needs – with lower traffic, your livelihood probably won’t be blown to bits with small interruptions in service or on the off-chance that one of your server-mates nukes your server, so the decision in what you need depends on what’s important to your business.

Each SiteGround plan comes with a free WordPress install and domain name. However, as I’ve noted in our article on Domain Name Registrars, I wouldn’t recommend tying your domain name to your hosting service so that you’re free to take it with you if you switch hosting providers. Purchase your own for the nominal fee per year ($10-$15) so that you own it and it goes with you everywhere.

SiteGround Review | Plan Pricing

SiteGround Pricing

I recommend the GoGeek plan for eCommerce sites, as it includes SSL-compatibility. The “Grow Big” plan includes this as well, but lacks the staging site setup and premium restore services, which are handy if you need to role back site changes. The GoGeek plan also provides some handy features for WordPress sites:


  • unlimited number of sites
  • 100,000 visits / month
  • unlimited emails
  • 30GB storage
  • daily backup (30 copies / day)
  • SuperCacher installed
  • PCI compliance
  • SSH / FTP access
  • free WordPress install
  • WP core autoupdates
  • staging site area
  • Git access
  • SSL compatibility
    (w/free certificate for 1 yr)

Getting Started with SiteGround link

Signing up for SiteGround was simple – I chose the plan I wanted to sign up for and went through the checkout process using a domain name that I already had.

The only snag I ran into while getting started with SiteGround was a billing confirmation issue. I’d signed up for the GoGeek plan and got to this screen:

SiteGround Hosting Review | Confirm Billing

I clicked the confirmation button to speak with a Live Chat representative, but was disconnected in the process after about 1 minute, and hadn’t copied my order number for reference. I initiated another live chat session, and was connected with a representative within 2 minutes. The new representative was able to find the registration information, and gave me a quick call to confirm the billing details, and I was good to go about 8 minutes later.

After I’d selected the hosting plan I wanted to use and confirmed by billing details, I got the DNS transfer information I needed via email (this was available in my user account as well). SiteGround has a tutorial available for help with transferring the DNS for your domain name to their hosting if you’ve never done this before.

Once my DNS had been transferred, I waited a bit for it to resolve, and logged back into my account. I was then taken through a setup wizard that asked me what technology I wanted to use, so I chose WordPress and was able to easily get my new WordPress site set up in a few minutes (you could select this from your cPanel later if you don’t want to go through setup immediately).

SiteGround Review | WordPress setup wizard

After completing the setup process, I was able to log into my new WordPress site with the credentials I’d selected. In total, setup took just a couple of minutes.

SiteGround Review | WordPress Install

Free WordPress install

Now that my site was set up and I was logged into my WordPress admin, I took a quick tour. One thing you may want to check out are the pre-installed themes from SiteGround:

SiteGround Review | Included Themes

Included Themes

I had opted not to install any free themes, so I was a bit irritated that I then had to go through and delete these, but some of you may enjoy having a few other free options to choose from. The only other thing that’s different than a typical WordPress install is the first sample blog post – SiteGround fills this with their own promotional content, so you may want to delete the sample post as you get your site setup.

Usage link

So I’ve signed up for the GoGeek account, I’ve got my fresh new WordPress site ready to go, and now I’ve got to check out some of the other features offered by SiteGround.

I went to my customer dashboard to check out all of the SiteGround resources, which is where I found my account area and support resources. There are also several tutorials available for different platforms to get you started if you’re not familiar with WordPress (or other platforms, such as Joomla). The “My Accounts” tab is how you’ll access your cPanel, which is where most of your tools are located.

SiteGround Review | My Accounts

SiteGround Accounts

Note that the “Information & Settings” under “My Account” has lots of useful information, such as DNS information, FTP details (which, for me, is essential for the inevitable site breakage), and access to your free CloudFlare CDN plan.

Clicking the “Go to cPanel” button will bring you to your SiteGround cPanel, where you can access all of the tools for your account, including:

  • auto-install WordPress if you haven’t done so already
  • create staging sites
  • create a git repository for site changes
  • set up email accounts
  • set up SSH access
  • and more
SIteGround Review | cPanel


I made sure that I’d run my WordPress auto-installer already, so I then decided to create a staging site. This is one of my favorite features of the GoGeek plan, and staging areas take less than a minute to create (this will depend on your site – if you have lots of products, posts, or pages, this will take longer). Staging Areas are extremely useful to test out site changes, plugin updates, and more so that you don’t break your live site. SiteGround also lets you create multiple staging areas.

SiteGround Review | Staging Area

Once you’ve started to create a staging site, you can optionally password protect your staging site so that it’s not publicly accessible. When you visit this staging site, you’ll be required to enter these credentials before viewing either the frontend or backend of your staging site.

SiteGround Review | Password Protect Staging

Setting Staging Password

Staging sites will be created as subdomains, such as http://staging1.mytestsite.com/. Once you’ve created your staging site, you’ll be able to replicate staging sites, create a new git repo for your staging site changes, or push changes to the live site. You can also delete staging areas, which is very helpful. This is one thing I don’t like about some staging areas, as posts that have been copied to a staging area but I’ve deleted afterwards on my live site will be published on the staging site and send me emails about pingbacks on internal links, etc.

I also checked out the SiteGround SuperCacher from my cPanel and my new site. The SuperCacher plugin allows you to use a dynamic cache that’s powered by Varnish and Memcached. This optimizes site performance by saving some of your site HTML to serve directly to visitors rather than generating it from PHP for each visit, speeding up performance. SiteGround has full details on how their SuperCacher operates that I’d recommend reading.

SiteGround Review | SuperCacher plugin

SiteGround SuperCacher

Support link

Support is one aspect of a service on which I rarely like to compromise. The first time you’re in a bind and need help that won’t come through, you’ll understand why support is so important to me – this is made even worse if you’re losing money at the same time that you’re waiting for a resolution.

SiteGround Review Support ResourcesThankfully, this is one place that SiteGround sticks out. SiteGround offers 24/7 phone support, live chat, and email ticketing. They state that over 90% of new customers come from customer referrals, which would be unlikely with poor support services.

Live Chat is what I had the most experience with, as this is my preferred support channel (I like being able to do other things at the same time, and being on the phone distracts me too much). Each time I’d spoken with someone via chat, I’d been connected in less than two minutes. Every issue I contacted live support with was also resolved via the same chat (except for the disconnection blip I mentioned earlier). Typical time for a resolution was less than 10 minutes, which is outstanding.

To create an opportunity for an email support ticket, I created an issue that required permalinks to be flushed (which a super-annoying issue but not always obvious) so that I could test out the response time and how they handled a very simple question. Sometimes the explanation given for simple, obvious issues tells you a lot about a support service and how they treat their customers. Do they make you feel stupid for the issue? Do they tell you how it could be solved in the future to help educate you? Do they just solve it without telling you what’s wrong? This also technically wasn’t their problem – I should have contacted the author of the plugin I used to create the issue, but wanted to see if they’d just give me the simple fix.

After submitting my email ticket, I received my first response in just under 6 minutes, which asked me to double-check the URL of the page and to send over login credentials if I wanted them to troubleshoot further. That was pretty fast – sure, it was an easy question and we didn’t solve the ticket in the first reply, but that’s still a great response time. It also let me know that they were looking into the issue.

Total time to resolution was about 30 minutes, which required one more email back and forth to confirm and fix the issue. The support tech told me how to fix the issue for future reference, and linked me to another tutorial in case I had the problem in the future.

Finally, SiteGround also offers toll-free phone support all day, every day. When I called phone support, my call was taken after less than a minute on hold, and my issue was resolved within a few minutes. What I liked about the phone support was that the technician took the time to explain my question and to make sure that I had no other issues before closing the call. Sometimes phone support seems as if they’re rushing to get to the next call, but that wasn’t the case in my experience.

SiteGround Hosting Review Conclusions link

Overall, my experience using SiteGround was very positive – I really liked the access to multiple staging sites with just a few clicks, as well as quality support and performance. Pricing is also very compelling; for $15 per month, you have everything you need to launch an eCommerce business (you’ll get this pricing for your first term of 1-3 three years, paid in advance). This is really helpful for sites that are just starting out and need to control costs or don’t have traffic that demands more resources.

As your site grows, you’ll probably need to change from a shared service to a VPS or dedicated host so that you’re not competing for resources with other sites on your server (or being negatively affected by them). Performance and load times make a huge difference for eCommerce sites, so don’t wait too long to make a hosting change if you’re site performance is affected. SiteGround offers Cloud (VPS) and dedicated hosting as well from $70+ per month that you could consider upgrading to as your site grows.

Have questions? I’d be happy to answer them if I can!

Read More link

Note: This post contains affiliate links. We joined SiteGround’s affiliate program because I had a positive experience using their hosting services – providing the most comprehensive and objective WordPress eCommerce resources is our mission, so we only become affiliates for services we actually recommend using. Have more questions? See our affiliate policy. You can use the plain links below if you prefer that we not receive a referral commission:

Posted by Beka Rice

Beka Rice manages the direction of Sell with WP content and writes or edits most of our articles to share her interests in eCommerce. Or she just writes as an excuse to spend more time jamming out to anything from The Clash to Lady Gaga. Who knows.


  1. Wonderful review, thanks Beka and Sell with WP!
    I began using SiteGround almost a year ago, with the GoGeek plan, and have moved several sites there. I’ll echo that the support team has been fabulous in my experiences.
    One issue I’ve run into however, which I don’t think is publicly documented by SiteGround, is that the staging sites are limited to databases of 100 MB or less. I have a site that runs WPML and has a database about that size. I’ve had to clean up database space (good to do anyway) to create a staging copy of that site.
    I can’t recall for certain, but I believe it was suggested by support that I upgrade to Cloud Hosting or a Dedicated Server in order to create a staging site with a database over 100 MB.
    I don’t believe WP Engine has a 100 MB limitation for staging sites with their Personal Plan, so that’s where the site could be moving as the database grows in size.
    If I’m wrong, and staging sites can now be created on SiteGround’s GoGeek plan with databases over 100 MB, then that will be great news for me. And I’ll be sorry for any possible confusion!
    Thanks again!

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words Bradley! Interesting issue about databases with staging – I only have a few pages / plugins running on testing sites so there are some issues that don’t get discovered. I contacted the live chat but wasn’t able to get a consistent answer on staging site limits, so I’m not sure of the staging database limit for the GoGeek plan.

      It’s always great to hear from people that have used the service extensively, as I’ve always encountered little issues here or there like this with almost every service / plugin I’ve used, but it always takes time to realize these things. Really appreciate you sharing your experience with SiteGround!

      1. Hi Beka! Thank you for the great review and the time you took to research and test our services. We are very happy with the good assessment you give us.
        Bradley, there is indeed a limit for the data base size in our staging tool which is necessary in order to prevent server overload and negative consequences for the performance of other websites on the server. If having a staging copy is crucial for the user and their data base is bigger than 100MB, they will still be able to create a staging copy by upgrading to our cloud solution for example.
        We will make sure to include this info in our staging tool tutorial to make it more transparent for new users. Thank you very much for pointing this out!

        1. Hi Marina, thanks so much for stopping that by and clearing up the question πŸ™‚

          To provide a reference point for other readers, 100MB will be enough for a staging site database unless you run into a specific issue as Bradley did; WPML has to duplicate posts, taxonomies, etc in each language which requires more space. If you need more space for a different reason (huge numbers of orders, forum members, etc), you’ll probably already require an upgrade to cloud / VPS hosting anyway.

  2. I love SiteGround, however, the one gripe I have with them is that unsuspecting new clients see the offer of $3.95 per month for their Startup hosting, not realising this is only for the first year and that the regular price is applied for all following years.

    i.e. $47.40 for first year, $119.40 for each year thereafter and this is at 30% of normal cost of $9.95/month.

    Their plans say:
    Special Price: $3.95/mo. 60% OFF the regular $9.95/mo.

    I would have assumed – as a new client – that this is a lifetime special price. Not just for first year as this is not explicitly mentioned.

    1. Hey Louise, this is a good point – I think you can choose to pay for 1-3 years at that price, but it could be confusing for new signups. It looks like they’ve added a note about this on the signup page, though it’s not quite as obvious as it could be: “Note: Promo price applicable for the first invoice. Once your initial term is over regular renewal prices apply.”

      Thanks for pointing this out! Hopefully it helps people that are finding out about SiteGround through this post πŸ™‚

  3. I currently have 20 client WP sites hosted through Pressable. Unfortunately, their service is unreliable. Every 2-3 weeks (in the past 3 months) they’ve had outages and it seems to be getting worse.

    I’ve had more problems with Pressable than when I had sites at HostGator and GoDaddy.

    Is SiteGround a true WP Hosting provider? I can’t keep migrating sites from one host to another. It’s jumping from the frying pan to the fire.

    I’d really appreciate any additional info about SiteGround.


    1. Hey Chris, unfortunately every host will have outages from time to time. I’ve hosted sites at both WP Engine and SiteGround recently and been happy with my experiences at both in terms of performance and uptime, so I wouldn’t anticipate the issues it sounds like you’re having at Pressable. Outages or issues with each have been very rare in my experience. I’ve always had prompt and very helpful support from each company as well, especially on high priority tickets (such as outages, for which I receive responses within minutes), so I’d definitely consider SiteGround a legitimate WordPress hosting company.

      1. Hey Beka!

        Have you tried a full fledged WooCommerce store with multiple extensions? Am running one with 115 plugins (mostly extensions of WooCommerce, OptinMonster, WP Rich Snippets and the likes). And I kept getting 502 time out with WP Engine, so much so that I moved to ASO (A Small Orange) with the 2X RAM and 2X Bandwidth plan for their Cloud VPS.

        It’s lifetime as long as we’re customers of ASO, which makes it really worth while. I mean, where can you find 4GB for VPS with 2 Cores for only $30/mo?

        However, just wondering about SiteGround. Does the GoGeek work well with 115 plugins? Currently using about 1GB for apps (on Munin) and another 1.5GB for cache.

        Appreciate your thoughts.

        1. Hey Leo, I haven’t had a super popular store running on it, though I do know that they allow 6x fewer sites on a GoGeek server versus a typical shared server. However, the number of plugins doesn’t really matter, provided that they’re from quality authors. It honestly depends on what the plugins are doing – a single poorly-coded or resource-intensive plugin is more dangerous for site performance than 150 plugins that are properly built, so it would depend on what your plugins are doing.

        2. Hey Beka,

          Our store isn’t super popular yet. In fact you guys get more traffic than us πŸ™‚ But reading on, I realise why we can’t.

          1) Our DB size is definitely more than 100 MB
          2) Our plugins are well coded. Most are official WooCommerce plugins, while the rest comes from very reputable developers. All have been tested for speed and resource with New Relic and P3 Performance Profiler. Just that WP Engine had a short time out, which they won’t budge on.
          3) Though the plugins are optimised and from good developers, every bit actually adds up to RAM usage, which would make SiteGround’s GoGeek plan to be bad for us
          4) I’m only paying A Small Orange, $30/month for 4GB of RAM, 2X Core, 2 TB bandwidth and 30 GB SSD. If I were to upgrade to the Cloud VPS on Siteground, it would be at least $90/month to get the same specs.

  4. Be aware of their account executions clause. If you exceed this (using to much resource) they will disable your account unless you upgrade or wait out the month.

    Very sneaky.

    1. Hey there, in my own experience you’re given a notification first if you go over allocated resources within a month before anything happens to your account. If this repeats, then you’re required to upgrade, as SiteGround doesn’t have a system for charging overages (like a cell phone company would for using more than the minutes allotted). Though the resources you’ll have available are noted when you sign up anyway, so I don’t think I’d call this ‘sneaky’ – you do know what’s available for use for your account in terms of resource limits.

  5. Thanks so much for this review. I found it very helpful. I’m looking for a new host, and had several long chats with SiteGround. I still haven’t decided if I feel comfortable switching to them. My biggest issue is that they don’t offer a month-to-month plan – only plans where you have to pre-pay 12 to 36 months upfront. If you want to leave them during that time period, you will lose your unused monthly fees.

    I’ve also had pre-sales reps tell me inaccurate information. I asked what the SSL would cost after the 1st free year. I was initially told $30 (which wasn’t what I found on their site). A different rep confirmed that it was really $82.

    I’ve also had them try to tell me that their caching software would work fine with my ecommerce plugin, but the reality is that you can’t configure their caching software. You have to either accept their default settings (which often won’t work with ecommerce or membership plugins), or you have to turn it off and use your own caching plugin that you can configure.

    The other thing I found out was that the CloudFlare that comes with their shared hosting plan won’t work with an SSL site. In this case, you’d have to pay an extra $15/month for a CloudFlare Plus plan that will work with SSL, or choose not to use CloudFlare on your site.

    I love their fast response time for support, but I wish I felt I could believe everything they tell me. I’d love to have affordable access to a staging platform (though I don’t know if my site fits within their 100Mb limit), but I don’t like having to prepay for a full year with a relatively unknown (to me) company.

    1. Hey Debra, glad you found it useful! My personal experiences with SiteGround have continued to be great since publishing this post. I can definitely see the concerns with an annual plan, but I think there’s an option where you can do a trial month for a setup fee. This may be worth it to see if you want to invest for longer.

      So the SSL certificate is free for the first year if you use their SSL cert, then $82 per year after that. However, if you use a 3rd party SSL certificate, it’s $30 for a dedicated IP + $30 for installation (to total $60). I don’t believe they allow self installs – I wrote about this a bit more in this comparison article.

      RE: Caching, I can say this is actually pretty standard. Most managed hosts will configure caching for you without the ability to change it (they’ll take exclusions, but that’s usually it). However, not all will allow you to disable it, which is handy if you have fairly specific requirements. From what I understand, they account for eCommerce / membership sites with their default set up, but you’re correct that you can always create your own solution.

      I’m not sure about the CloudFlare setup myself, but I don’t think the staging DB size would be a concern unless you’re running something like WPML (which can make the database massive since you’re essentially duplicating all content). It sounds like the trial period might be a good option to give it a go rather than committing to the full year, which is actually what I did myself. They also have a 30 day guarantee, though you may want to ask about terms to see what they mean by “services meeting expectations”.

      1. Thanks for the reply, Beka. Now I understand that both of the sales reps were right about the cost of the SSL – one was quoting for a 3rd party SSL and the other in-house. They just didn’t clarify that difference.

        As for the caching, I don’t know how their default system could be set up to handle all kinds of membership and ecommerce software – but, then, I’m very new to this and will be setting up my very first ecommerce system shortly. But when I asked SiteGround if I could have some pages cached and others not, they said no. It’s all or none with their system.

        I have to say, after spending 50 minutes waiting to chat with my current host, I love being able to reach someone in just a minute or so with SiteGround. And having access to a staging platform will be increasingly critical to my business. Thanks for linking to your comparison article. I found that very helpful, too.

        1. Hey Debra, no problem! Hosting is definitely dependent on what you’ll be setting up, so good luck with the site launch regardless of what you choose πŸ™‚ .

  6. This is a very informative article. I’d never heard of siteground before. They’re prices are very reasonable. I had a nightmare with Bluehost. My site was down more than it was up. I now use KWW Host and am very happy to enjoy hassle free service.

  7. Siteground’s support is just amazing. I don’t know how they can do it, but they do it. Almost instant replies from very knowledgeable people that go beyond what they are paid for. I really hope this is profitable for them, because it feels like a steal! I don’t usually go around recommending stuff, but this one is really a must, and you should try it.

    1. Hey Marcelo, thanks for stopping by to share πŸ™‚ glad to hear SiteGround is working out for you!

  8. I’ve called on help using chat a few times, with what I thought were tricky and unusual questions and they handled every one, fast. I am very impressed with their service and I’ve said that about 1 time in 3 years! They are fantastic and I highly recommend them!

    1. Hey Tim, very glad to hear that! Thanks for sharing your experience with SiteGround – always helpful to hear that others have had good experiences with what we’re recommending πŸ™‚

  9. I just want to give a shout out to everyone at Siteground today who worked so hard to get my site working again. You are all the very best!!!!

  10. Just wanted to add my two cents worth too – and this from someone who almost never writes reviews!! I chose Siteground because all the reviews that I read were positive. So many reviews commented on their excellent support – which I thought I probably wouldn’t use that much – not because I’m an expert – far from it – but more because it’s hosting – what do you need support for? Well, I have needed help because I’m trying to do new things I’ve not done before – and their support is truly excellent! I’ve needed them a couple of times now – not because of problems at their end. I’ve used both the email support and the live chat and both times had incredibly quick responses and the customer support team are very knowledgeable – and very patient and understanding of those still on a steep learning curve! πŸ™‚

  11. MIddle of the night (my time), help from Madrid & who knows where else in the world.

    This was not a simple problem (turned out to be conflicting statements in a .htaccess file generated by WP Super Cache when I changed over to SiteGround Cache Press).

    I started with first level support (Alin was great – he escalated), then 2nd level support dug in (Tudor – nice work!), then Kamen found the problem.

    I can start in the morning with an action plan to fix the issue.

    These guys & girls are the best in the industry. I recommend them to everyone and couldn’t be happier with the $ I spend on SiteGround hosting!!!!!!!


  12. I’m with siteground only a couple of weeks. So far I think this service is really great. Happy to be here.

  13. Great, JUST GREAT!

  14. This is a clear case of “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY” πŸ™‚
    Like always, support is amazingly helpful and courteous. Already have 2 sites in there, and this was my third one πŸ™‚
    Will keep coming back to SiteGround, no question about it!

    1. Glad to hear it, just launched another site there over the weekend myself πŸ™‚ smooth as always

  15. Sjoerd Overdiep August 28, 2015 at 4:15 am

    Hi, I have been using SiteGround from January this year. I have been using many hosting companies world wide. My last hosting before going to SiteGround was Google Cloud. This is also a very good hosting solution but for me, not having support is in the long run to time consuming. So I started looking for a different solution and I found SiteGround. I tested it and I liked the service the quality and the de affiliate program. I have since then moved to SiteGround my self and moved more than 100 Magento shops to SiteGround. Also I have had about 30 affiliate sales to SiteGround. The cool thing is that all my customers and contacts that use SiteGround are very enthusiastic. This in return helps bust my own sales on Pagayo.com. So overall, very good hosting and service. One last thing. I would love to get SiteGround in Dutch and German. I have asked SiteGround to manage this for them, but they have other priorities. So that’s why I give SiteGround 99,9% out of 100% πŸ™‚

  16. I really cannot say enough about the support staff. I have honestly never seen anything like it.
    I took on the responsibility to help out the daycare my boys attend by getting them away from the hosting service they were using that was costing $49.95 / month. I was worried about moving the domain and building a new site as I have never used wordpress before.
    With my technical abilities and help from siteground support, I was able to get the website up and working in no time. Every single person I worked with whether it was on chat or email was very knowledgeable and supportive. They not only took the time to fix some of my errors, but they also took the time to make sure I understood what the issues were.
    I will be referring this hosting website to all of my friends that work on sites daily.
    A huge thank you to everybody that has helped out!

  17. I’ve been using several VPS servers at SIteGround now for about 18 months, started with one and kept adding. Support is super fast, even if the ticket is not resolved in the first reply the support is so fast it does not really matter to me that it may take two tries on a more difficult question. Sometimes I submit a support ticket and by time I close the browser window my email inbox is blinking that I have a reply from support.

    One thing I love about this company, besides the servers always being up, is that they continue to improve their offerings at no additional cost. Sometimes even reducing fees for some services they used to charge extra for. Seems like every-time I turn around I get an email about how they have improved the performance of the server I’m using offering more customization in caching, and other speed improvements.

    An example is I have a site that is way to large of a Joomla home page in size and amount of files to load. It was taking about 4 seconds to load a year ago and now it is down to 1.8 seconds using tools.pingdom.com for tracking.

    Great hosting for WordPress and Joomla. They really understand those CMS’s not just how to host them, but how the frameworks actually function. This is a huge benefit for Joomla in particular since that is what we build all of our sites with.

  18. I moved to siteground after bad experiences with my previous hosting company. I read positive reviews about their support, tools and technical performance, prior to switching.

    I was not disappointed. Support is fast to respond, friendlly and always treat my queries seriously. This is a very different experience compared to what I’ve had to endure previously. The few problems I have had, have been dealt with swiftly and professionally. Instead of just trying to blame my ISP, PC, brain, etc, they always investigate my issues with professionalism and a friendly attitude.

    As well as this, the cpanel they offer is great and a clone of the same site loads faster and scores higher with AdWords and pagespeed compared to my former hosting provider.

    Granted, they cost slightly more but this is more than worth it for the reliability and ease of being able to talk to someone knowledgable who is able to provide assistance swiftly and diligently.

    I have had no regrets with switching to siteground and am happy to recommend them to anyone who wants a quality hosting company. For disclosure, I have no affiliation to this company, just a v. positive experience in my 1+ years with them.

    Thanks SG and keep up the good work πŸ˜€

  19. Thank you Ivan for all of your help and patience. You were very helpful and knowledgeable and as a result I feel certain about the re seller hosting program that will work for me.

    I especially appreciated your patience and the way you made me feel that you had both Site Grounds and my best interest at hand.


  20. So far, so goo…GREAT!
    Amazing and fantastic suport.

  21. Been on their service for over a year without any problem. Recently wrecked my wp site by doing something stupid. I could not access the site anymore and was panicking. Their customer support was patient and helped me resolved the issue within 15 minutes. Best service ever.

  22. Doroteya is the best. She is quick in responding and resolved my issue in no time. Thank you SiteGround for this great service and great representatives. Well done.

  23. I’ve been a SiteGround customer for 18 months now – two GoGeek accounts so far – and I’m writing now because of how SiteGround just keep on improving things for us. The latest is moving our sites to the new London datacentre for us, because it’s better for our clients. I’m also writing now because we use another UK based hosting company for our older sites, and their service has been getting worse and worse, with major downtime issues.

    It’s when you get bad service from another provider that you really appreciate the fantastic service we get from SiteGround, whether it’s features, the hosting itself (very fast!) or the technical support.

  24. I moved to Siteground after nothing but issues with a previous provider. Siteground transferred my sites for free and everything went very smoothly with no downtime! I cannot recommend them enough, I have four sites which load super fast and support has always been so quick to resolve any issues.

    Its rare to find such a good company nowadays. Good prices and good service, other companies could learn a lot from them.

  25. Michael Kracke April 20, 2016 at 3:06 pm

    I have always used BlueHost in the past and never really had anything to complain about, but an opportunity came up that gave me the option to switch hosting providers so I decided to do some research.

    I had never heard of SiteGround prior to this, but it seemed to have good reviews and was mentioned a lot in my Google searches so I decided to give it a try. In switching my sites over I came a across a few hick-ups (some my fault, some weird issues), I hopped on the chat line and my problem was solved in 15 min each time.

    My favorite part of this so far is the one-click staging site setup. Especially as I work with sites that want to do a design change, I find this feature extremely helpful as I can test and try out different things, show them to clients and then decide to push my changes or destroy them, All with out touching the live site.

    While I have only been with SiteGround for a short while, I only see a very promising future. I recommend this to anyone looking to tryout a new provider, it’s cheap enough that its worth the time, and no harm done if you find it doesn’t fit what you’re looking for. Their staff is very helpful and does a fantastic job of getting you the assistance you need.

  26. SiteGround is nothing short of spectacular. I host multiple sites with them and if there is ever an issue I just click on the live chat and it is resolved quickly and efficiently. I have transferred almost all of my sites and will be transferring the remainder within the next month. I recommend them to everyone!

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