Have you checked out Paid Memberships Pro recently? There’s a lot of good stuff going on over there, and I wanted to fill you in on some of it.

They’ve recently revealed some in-depth notes about their business structure, and they’ve just made some shifts in their business model that I’m excited about.

They’re offering new pricing options, improving their resources, building PMPro-specific themes, and they’ve added more really useful add-ons.

While there are tons of options for membership plugins, Paid Memberships Pro is getting better and better, and their newer models make it easy for non-developers to get help right from them. However, they still maintain tons of code that developers can use to easily create a customized membership solution.

One new add-on that I love revolves around creating group or sponsored memberships. While we wrote about a workaround for this system with WooCommerce, PMPro had made this very easy to do.

Paid Memberships Pro Tutorials & Documentation

First, what else has been going on over at PaidMembershipsPro.com? They’ve re-invigorated their blogging efforts over the past few months, and they’re churning out new tutorials (some free, some for members only).

They’ve also really improved their documentation since I last used it. For example, I found the hooks / filter reference for developers really useful.

Paid Memberships Pro Pricing

One of the biggest changes they’ve made is related to their pricing structure. While Paid Memberships Pro is free (as are several add-ons), support was offered only to members who purchased a $97 per year package.

Paid Memberships Pro members now have two choices for membership packages:

  • PMPro Core: This keeps a $97 offering for membership, which grants access to community forums and support forums.
  • PMPro Plus: PMPro now offers a $197 package, which gives you access to forums, but also includes advanced help, PMPro add-ons (this includes one-click updates / support), and their new Memberlite theme.

Paid Memberships Pro Memberlite Theme

The Memberlite theme should look familiar — it’s the theme that PaidMembershipsPro.com uses. It’s a theme dedicated to Paid Memberships Pro, but it includes support for popular plugins like WooCommerce and bbPress.

Paid Memberships Pro Memberlite theme

There are shortcodes to display memberships levels, show pricing tables, or create custom pricing displays. You can check out a demo here.

Paid Memberships Pro Add-ons

The thing I’m most excited about from Paid Memberships Pro are new add-ons. If you have a Plus membership, you’ll get one-click installation and upgrades for these 42 add-ons.

The one in particular I want to take a look at today is the Sponsored Members add-on.

Sponsored members makes it easy to create sponsored memberships with Paid Memberships Pro. Sponsored memberships essentially let you sell discount codes to the primary member (the one who pays for all of the sponsored memberships).

Paid Memberships Pro discount code

Regular Discount Code

However, this discount code will have a “parent” set. The parent will be the primary member.

Paid Memberships Pro  sponsored discount code

Sponsored Discount Code

This tells Paid Memberships Pro that anyone who uses that membership discount code to become a member should now have the membership tied to the primary member. If the primary member cancels his or her membership, the sponsored memberships are also cancelled. Reactivating a primary membership reactivates sponsored membership access.

Here’s what this looks like:

  1. The primary member purchases sponsored memberships by adding “seats” to the checkout:
    Paid Memberships Pro purchase sponsored memberships

    Purchase Sponsored memberships

  2. Once the primary member has paid, the discount code is created with the correct number of uses (the number of seats purchased). This can be shared with team members to get the sponsored membership.

    Paid Memberships Pro Sponsored membership code

    Discount Code for sponsored memberships

  3. Team members can use the discount link or code, and they’ll get their sponsored membership, which is tied to the primary member’s billing.

    Paid Memberships Pro sponsored membership granted

    Sponsored Membership granted

  4. The primary member can see who has used the sponsored membership code in his or her account:

    Paid Memberships Pro child members

    View Sponsored Members

The primary member cannot revoke or cancel individual sponsored memberships from the account section, but this could be done by the site administrator on request.

Paid Memberships Pro Keeps Improving

There are lots of new add-ons available for Paid Memberships Pro, and they keep getting better. PMPro offers lots of features that are tough to find in a membership plugin, and the sponsored members add-on is a great addition to this list to make it easy to sell sponsored memberships.

If you’re into membership sites and you haven’t checked them out recently, now is definitely the time.

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  1. I spent a lot of time looking for a WP membership plugin – probably read all your articles at least once. I had settled on PMP, even installed and tested it. In the end, however, someone pointed out that they only allow one membership per user, which wouldn’t work for us.

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